More ways to capitalize and make folks happy?


1 darting opportunity for Legends and Uniques for showcase dinosaurs is just…yeah

  1. Have in game cash option to purchase another darting chance once max attempts is reached or even a handful of attempts

  2. Seeing how the incubators are expensive and it’s a gamble on the dinosaur, it’s better to capitalize smaller $$$ during showcase dinosaurs. This will allow folks to basically purchase the extra darting chances for the dinosaurs they want for fusion purposes or creating those purple/green dinosaurs

  3. have an item that when activated doubles or triple the DNA collected within a time period or darting chance…rather than incense because those are just yeah

Coin limits…yeah

  1. option to convert useless dinosaur dna for coins

  2. pay a buck or two for a daily coin collection increase to a multiple of the limit or bring back VIP double coin limit

  3. coins awarded for walk/run/bike milestones achieved…promoting health/exercise with coins sounds good

Hopefully these ideas are beneficial to both regular players and ones with extra $$$.


I agree that the coin limits are absurd, but your other idea for darting more legendaries would actually make people more mad. If people in the lower arenas started having a bunch of legendaries on their team, the complaining would never end and people would end up quitting the game very early on since they’re facing impossible teams to beat at the early stages of the game.