More ways to get dna! PLEASE Ludia

I grind on watching ads for one hour per day and getting about 6k. There should be something like the hotel with ways to get cash but another one for dna? PLEASE Ludia more ways for dna! :dna:

The easiest way to get DNA is to become a VIP and then work to get the DNA Center production maximized.

After that, grind. Grind on PVP as well as tournaments and Boss Events when they’re active. Make sure you’re completing the PVE and Daily Missions each day. Resources will accumulate, and not just DNA.

If you’re feeling wild and crazy, Ludia usually has at least one DNA pack for sale for Real Money.

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Code 19, if you do them perfect are big DNA makers on the higher ranking dinos.

I got several 1K DNA on the Boss. Beat that boss up for the damage DNA.

Past that, DNA is supposed to be a grind so you buy VIP.


Ludia will tell you to join vip