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Morning treats


So for the last 38 weeks, I’ve woken up every morning to open my overnight incubator. At least an 8 hour, but sometimes a 12. And if I have been a really good boy, I get treated to a 24h epic incubator while I eat my breakfast. I love looking forward to the possibility of a little Sino or Kentro DNA each day. Unfortunately, I have screwed up for the first time today, and have left a 3h cooking. I’m sleepy and refuse to pay cash to open it. Tomorrow’s breakfast will consist of 547 coins and 28 purassaurus DNA. Damn


There is a fixed order of when to get which incubator.


I feel your pain. I did the same thing once but I was waiting for my 3 hour to open before I could set my 8 hour one overnight and fell asleep waiting. I think I was at about 45 minutes left.