Morphing Dinos...What the Heck?!?


I was sitting at home and fired up the game just to look at something in my inventory real quick and to log back off again.

I wasn’t planning on playing or anything, but as soon as the map opened, I see this girl right down the street from me…

I need these, so I was pretty excited! I threw on my shoes and almost ran down the street. I walked up to it and clicked on it. It zoomed in the screen like it always does and gives you the launch button.

As I was going to push the launch button, it changed from Day to Dusk in game, and my treasured Pyroraptor morphed into another dino, right before my eyes, in zoomed in view and all…I wish I would have been recording :neutral_face:

Anyway, my Pyro morphed into this girl…

Man I was upset. Really needed the Pyro DNA, not Secondo. Not a complain post though, just thought it was weird as Pyro is supossed to spawn day and dusk.


I had a t rex morph into a brachiasaurus the other day at the map change.


Pyro is a day spawn whereas Secodo is a night spawn. Once the map changes to dusk all the day spawns change appropriately.


Your information is a bit off I think.

Secondo is an anytime spawn.
Pyro is day/dawn/dusk.

Just a bit confused as it wasnt changing from dusk to night.

Day to dusk should have had no bearing on Pyroraptor.


Probably, though I’ve only encountered Secondo at night and I never bothered to double check it’s spawn times.