Mort rex

I would love it if you offered like 50 dna of mort for 20$ would at least let me unlock please and thanks


There is Morty DNA in the campaign

They won´t do it, and you must earn it.

It’s only 15 DNA…

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Can agree it’s alot harder to get DNA for the apex if you don’t have a high level alliance for raids


They offered full unlock for 100$ and it’s very few in the campaign

the ones for money is they give 10-15 DNA,

If ludia offers an epic incubator for $20 there’s no way they will do that deal

They should add a DNA Market in the Market section where people can buy a random Common DNA by watching video and Rare to Apex with hard in game cash.

Or they can add a Royal Pass like PUBG MOBILE.

They can also add an exclusive mission for DNA like they have in JW The Game.

I feel like something like the trade center from jwtg would work extremely well in jwa

For example you could trade 20 albertospinos dna for 20 skoona dna
Same also goes with other types of dna, hardcash, and coins

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Unfortunately that is not possible as the Mortem Rex raid boss was removed from the active list of raid bosses last week and is no longer available in the game.
Now the only way you acquire Mortem Rex dna is if it is released in the in game shop as a singular purchase of Mortem Rex dna or included in an incubator that has a specific amount of Mortem dna in it. !.