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MORTAL COMBAT! Show us the best pics of the bloody new update!

:warning: Sorry Indo fans… these are rough

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He used the dracoceratops on my utahsino and Sarcorixis because I wasn’t able to kill it in one hit, so he escaped, “sacrificing” a Thor and an erlidom…at the end, my tryko had like 500 health left against his faster indoraptor with evasive on…and he swapped draco again, but this time, monostego stopped it :rofl::rofl::rofl:
This has to be one of my favorite and closest victories, oh I wish I had recorded it!:grin:


Love it when your opponent has a pretty good chance at victory if they don’t swap, but they decide a DC with 400 HP is the better choice, not thinking something else could be lurking.

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Haha WOW nice win!

Rats are trash and will be dealt with as such

Mutual Fury before this Rampage crit


The moment of Impact is really cool

Reveal this I mean jk