Mortem actually usefull?

I know it’s an apex and starts and level 26 and all with high attack but is it actually strong it doesn’t have the instant move thor does to get in that extra hit and seems overall weak unless you maybe played a nitro one? Also can something like that be decent in raids? If so which ones

It’s good for raids. Especially to speed up the hadros lux raids. You need a big investment in damage though.

Good for raids, decent for arena (if boosted).

Need good Attack and speed. Maybe 116 max to be useful for raids.

In PvP can handle some ardens and usually Diorajas die.

And usually forces rival to swap DC in before they want.

I like it as starter.

So like a 5 speed and rest attack sort of thing? No hp though

Depends on your needs. I preferred Boosting speed (not much) on Mortem to be able to deal with towers, trikos and enough HP/attack to damage an starter magna and then revenge kill with Tuora Zor or magna

I run a 0/10/6 one in aviary (no it’s not a crutch) and it excels at bringing down big resilients, low HP cunnings and the occasinal big Thor

Found this on Facebook… unfortunately it’s quite accurate😉

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It’s on top teams for a reason…

I’m sure it’s great at level 30, but my level 26 one is useful for getting in one single shot against a Magna and that’s it.

Then again, I have far too many speed boosts and not enough attack boosts, so that might be why mine under-performs compared to Hadros Lux.

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I think the Gamepress tier list did evalutate it correctly… It’s not a tyrant, but when played correctly, it’s a force to be reckoned with. And since it’s useful in some raids, investing boosts in it is not waisted. (similar boost partern as well, lots of dmg, and a bit of speed to be able to use Roar and break shield for the following tower… So basically, if you don’t already have 8 tyrants dino in your team, Mortem deserve a spot as much any other high apex. (plus it’s cool looking :rofl: )

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Packing your team full of resilients isn’t very effective tho, so I feel that Mortem should still be considered for team building

Mid 120s for speed to out pace Tryon Dio and the towers, attack up 2500+ and know its role on your team its a monster

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Mortem gets better with boosts thanks to its intangible stat and decel immunity, so try to find a sweet spot with speed and the other stats. It can be deadly. I am saving for hadros and ceramagnus personally as these 2 will be better