Mortem and Boosts

So tommorow I plan to unlock mortem (RNG, tommorow is NOT the day you mess with me) and I plan to boost it somewhat soon, I’m thinking an overall 8-17-5 build to work for, and 2-5-5 to start, but I’m no expert, so I was wondering what the rest of you guys had to say.

I just unlocked mine Today and I’m planning to start with 3/10/8

5 speed is a bit on the low end, considering a good amount of tanks go into the 120s higher up surprisingly. I’m going for a 7/15/8 final build for mine just to keep it viable for irri raids.

I was looking for maybe 120 speeds to be faster than most of the tanks I face, but a few more wouldn’t hurt now that I think about it

I’d put the boosts mostly into health and Attack, with a couple in speed. Maybe something like 8-15-7 or something.

Or, alternatively, 11-13-6