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Mortem and Sanctuaries

When some players inevitably unlock it well before others, will they be able to place Mortem in the sanctuaries?

Pretty sure that is not going to happen. But, since its not a hybrid, it does seem to be the first dino beyond epic that would be eligible based on that constraint. But, its likely sancs will be kept at epic and below. However, that is my gut feeling, I have nothing to back that up beyond that.


I would like to believe that Ludia would’ve said if Mortem can be put in the sancs if it was possible. But that raid is a good way to get people to spend money on coin, dna, and/ or boosts. so why would they ruin that cash flow by saying it can be put in the sancs?

We’ll just have to wait until someone unlocks it to know for sure.


It was stated in the patch notes that Apex DNA is exclusively available in raids. I honestly hadn’t even thought of the possibility of Mortem being put in a sanctuary.

Edit: Sorry if that first line came out as a bit pompous or something like that, wasn’t meant to but it kind of felt like it after the fact.

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It’s alright. I figured that might be the case regardless, but you never know, ya know?

Once someone unlocks mortem, it can’t be sanced, it can only be unlocked via boss raid battles; Mortem rex itself is a battle raid exclusive.

Someone already asked this question in another thread. No the raid info says that apex dna is only obtained through raids.

Have they actually said whether or not it can be put on your team? Or could its use be restricted to raids?

He’s not a hybrid, but probably won’t be in sanctuaries. Three main reasons:

  • Ludia said Apex DNA will be available only from raids and it’s probably not going to change
  • Obtaining Mortem DNA from sanctuaries would make raiding pointless. As of now, most of time beating Mortem awards you 10 DNA. Even if every FIP gave only 1 DNA, it would still be more than 10 daily. Should using easy to obtain items daily be more rewarding than winning a weekly raid? I don’t think so
  • Mortem’s not a hybrid, but not a normal creature too. Rather a weird mutant. I can’t imagine him being classified as normal creature