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Mortem counter idea

Just made a more reliable mortem counter. It beats mortem in 2 turns normally, and prevents mortem from running away. Against other cunnings it loses badly, against fierce it beats them. Against resilient it can run on turn 2 so it could be recycled. It also has a 75% speed resistance as a trade off with its 125 speed (pretty slow for a cunning), so in certain situation it can even beat a resilient (preferrably unshielded and not full health)
Its component hybrid ovimimus is a less bulky version without speed resistance, but specialise even more on beating fierces, and loses badly to resilients like many cunnings do
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Another Cunning that beats Tryko (96%), except with speed boosts (one is enough) this one will also beat Tenontorex, and Gemini and Maxima with mind games. It also beats other Cunnings and destroys fierce creatures. You don’t need it to be this strong to beat Mortem, and even then with Max attack Mortems if you get unlucky you’ll die in one hit.
All it takes is a decent Cunning with 100% dodge or something like that to destroy Mortem, it doesn’t need to be this good against all classes. Smilonemys is already basically perfect, you just need to give it the ability to deal 4500 in 2 turns at base damage and you’re set.


I thought mortrem was the worst of the bunch

Remains to be seen, it is more situational than Hadros or Cera but against the towers, dio or Tryko is fantastic. It is actually probably a little too strong but still weaker than those 2

Replace rampage and run with distracting impact, I think that would be fine since boa had impact and rampage o top of the on escape

It definitely is in an unboosted setting, but with boosts it becomes much better, and though not the best it’s good enough to deserve the Apex rarity at that point imo.

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use gorgotrabax for mortem

Well in my experience indo g2 does a pretty good job. With the distraction and dodge. It’s a decently hard takedown for mortem

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