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Did anyone realise that this thing can do 3,600 on a strike at 30 with max boosts or just 3,000 at 26 with max attack boosts . I mean serioulsy.

Isn’t it deserving? It takes a lot of work and coordination to come at it.


Yes, but isn’t that crazy. I mean, there should at least be like 50 damage in nerf. Actually, Nerf it speed or hp. That would be better

How about we don’t nerf dinos that take 10-20 weeks to unlock with multiple level 30 boosted dinos. How about we do that?


Hmm, yes. That would make sense, forgot they take 10 weeks. I just saw the 3,400 attack and was like, omg. That’s insane

All unique cunning creatures counter it, even Dracocerato, then you have Pho, Monolo, Lania, Dracocera, and many more creatures I’m too lazy to mention

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There are players in the lower arenas with Mortem though, and it’s incredibly OP there (they used a Haast G2 to beat the raid). There probably needs to be a ban on Apexes in specific arenas.

Anyway, I think Mortem is pretty balanced on even grounds. It’s pretty easy to counter.


Yeah, just patch the cheese strategies or implement a clause and call it a day.

Mortem isn’t even the strongest creature in the game. Cunning creatures wreck it. Hadros Lux on the other hand…


They just used an ermotherium to beat it, level 1

Oh, yeah. That was the one I was complaining about. The people on the release notes made it seem tho. If you look on the field GHI’s tho. It’s moves are rampage, heal, resilient impact, and some type of strike as well as .5 resilient counter. 1500 attack, 5100 hp, 108 or something else. It seems pretty balanced on the field guide, just not on the release notes. It’s easier to beat too, cuz it doesn’t have armor breaking. I don’t have any dna of either an I think I’m gonna get Harris Liz first.

It actually now claims the title of highest turn 1 damage. That’s 3750 to be precise. Then it has one of the best counters in the game. And it can heal every 3 turns, with that same counter. So then it can hit with another 3000 damage. If it has 108 speed, then it can speed tie and beat mortem. It’s probably the best, even without shield breaking

Carnotarkus can deal more.

Yes, but those rending creatures never factor in because it’s situational. The best turn 1 doesn’t rely on the enemy’s hp

Yeah, but if the opponent is armoured Hadros will deal less too. If they have shields then it’ll be even worse.

Turn damage just takes raw damage into account. The stats of the opponent do not matter when it comes to turn damage. Before 2.0, postosuchus had the best turn 1 damage. Then velociraptor. Now it’s lux

I suppose that makes sense.

it can only do 3,000 on turn 1. what you you mean. If you don’t count counter on tarkus, you dont count it on lux

You usually count the counterattack when you calculate turn damage. Dio has 2400, tryko has 3000, and so on