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Mortem is Dead

I have a brilliant idea save all you guys spending weeks and weeks trying to unlock Mortem rex,thinking of all the different strats you could try then all them weeks hoping to get the big fuses only to be really disappointed ev time you hit a 15 ( which is a lot!!) then you get it to 27 and stick 27 boosts on it now your ready ro maybe put it in main team.Well FORGET it save the effort and money if you buy boosts and just use a level 18 legendary Sloth thing you know the Ugly stupid tree like thing coz my mortem just got its but kicked so off with the boosts and cya Mortem your not needed and not wanted Thanks Ludia hope cera and trebax are better !!!image


Gamingbeaver likes it becuse it takes two hits to kill things.


This is why they need to nerf Thor because it’s 1000 times better than Mortem Rex.


You can’t expect it to just kill everything all the time. It has to be countered by something and sloth happens to be an excellent counter


Ok, well that thing counters it pretty well and is a good legendary, but mortem is still better. Heck, the common sloth kills mortem, but is it better? No. That’s like saying “Oh well, my hadros lux was destroyed by a mammolania, so don’t use hadros lux”. Mortem isn’t dead.


Your Mortem is 118 speed, what did you think we gonna happen?


it works really great in tandem with Lux. when lux is about to go down, make sure to slow your opponent (if they’re slowable) then mortem can finish that off and have rampage ready.


I use mortem in every apex raid besides mortem, it’s incredibly useful. Just use it correctly smh

Was one of the ‘lucky’ ones who unlocked Mortem early on as I got a 160 and a 50 reward in the first raids.

So when I got it I can’t begin to say how disappointed I was with its limited ability.

I came in here and said so, only to have the regulars pour scorn on my musings, but even though mine is now level 29 with 29 boosts on it, I can still maintain it’s not very good at all.

Easily the weakest Apex, and it certainly needs something to make it a genuinely viable end game creature in my opinio.


Instant charge? :smiley:


While it is on the lower half of the apex creatures, I would say mortem is still 100% viable. It has an answer to almost everything apart from dodge, and that turn 1 cleanse is really good and makes it a force to be reckoned with


Leaderboard is full of mortems, but it isn’t end game viable? Come on. In a meta full of tanks and swappers it does perfectly fine. Revenge kills them from really high hp and puts whatever comes in into swap in range with the next hit, if they even survive it to begin with

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Lower half??? It’s power level doesn’t even come close the others all beat it even the swapper resilient it’s incredibly underwhelming and is worse than thoradolosaur

Unboosted yeah it is, but it is really good when boosted. Hadros has a hard time with it when boosted, as does gem, max, dio, tryko, magna and so on


It’s level 27…wait for it to be team level and get back to me when one plows through your resilient team without breaking a sweat.


Some of this is on Ludia…this game spent so long being terribly balanced with 1-2 Dino’s really dominating the meta and being good against almost everything. They’ve finally hit a decent level of balance between end game Dino’s and apex’s are designed to be more balanced then what a lot of players think apex should be. They normally fulfill a single role very well… but their still counter able. Most people just seem to want Mortem to fulfill the role of Lux which is a top 1v1 instead of the role he was designed for which is a revenge killer.

It also should be said this lvl 18 musta been spot on with their predictions. Cause their lvl 18 only has slightly more health then this Mortem base attack.

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Yeah they just expect to throw mortem out and sweep everything. And if that doesn’t happen they come here to cry for a buff. I think mortem is fine, lux and magnus on the other hand are probably a bit too strong. We’ll see when they hit team level though, but from what I’ve seen they are already quite strong


I’m using Morty underlevelled and underboosted at 28/28. Still it’s the one I love to find in my draw. Awesome revenge killer.

actually lux and magnus may be pretty balanced if you consider trebax as well. they have the tools to deal with Bax’s bulk but those tools punish Mortem in a 1v1. it needs a bit of a buff, if only to take the Apex resils like it should.

Morty isn’t gonna be in a 1v1 situation vs lux and magnus very often, it’s used for revenge killing and if it has rampage ready it just scares them off. I’m more worried about how strong they are in general. Magnus has a beastly 1 v 1 rate paired with 1.5k swap. May be a bit much, but won’t really call for anything until I see them at team level

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