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Mortem is Dead

level 29!? congrats :+1: :fire:

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If mortem has rampage ready they still beat him hadros can win even if his rampage is a crit and when cera beats him cera end up with a speed of 170 or so and a rampage ready to kill the next dino trebax can beat him practically unscathed mortem while he may be good at his specific niche anything faster shuts him down which is ok If he was a legendary or an epic but he is an apex and the other apexes are immensely more powerful with hadros having the best 1v1 matchups in the game and cera having the 2nd best matchups in the game paired with a strong swap in and trebax has amazing moves like revenge nullifying rampage and the best impact in the game and basic attack that’s a speed up and cunning strike combined along with a great raid move and solid resistances and stats

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And you’re talking about unboosted which is irrelevant in terms of apexes. Boosted rampage crit will one shot hadros from full hp, so it most likely isn’t even going to come out. If it doesn’t crit, it will be an easy swap into rhino/dc

Even if you don’t want to use Mortem in the arena, it is incredibly useful in raids and you can use it in campaign too, so it’s still not necessarily a waste of time.
Just out of curiosity, what were the stats on that sloth? Your Mortem was many levels higher and boosted much more, so I don’t get how you lost that badly.

This… even max health boosted health for level 18 the sloths only gonna have 3827 health… and that would leave him with only 879 attack… like unless Mortem just went the whole match never cleansing and had more then a few 0 damage turns. And the sloth isn’t exactly a damage machine so it had to take more then a few turns to chew through the 6k health on that mortem.

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Mrex is fine as it is. You cannot expect it to beat all and everything just because it is an Apex.
Also it is incredibly easy to get. Why should a creature that requires maximum 10 minutes per week to level be stronger than others?


Don’t you mean minimum?

The faster Mortem can kill things the sooner he can get back to playing wif his hair on camera :wink:

No, I meant maximum. But maybe I need to start a timer next week.
Anyhow, most part of the battle anyhow is waiting time between rounds. Would be nice if Ludia could improve this.
Especially when having 4 rounds it is extremely annoying. Knowing that there is no way of losing this battle, unless someone loses connection, but still you need to wait for like 20+ minutes.

That’s only if you already have the right creatures at the stats you need for RNG to not drag things out for hours, and you know 3 other people with the same, that are on at the right time. It’s easy to take for granted once you get to that point.