Mortem NEEDS cleanse and Trykosaurus needs a real buff

Mortem rex needs it cleansing strike back ludia! Trykosaurus needs a real buff period. It has the weakest counter for a unique. Its crit should be 30% its a freaking rex for gods sake. They took away its slow one of its only good things it had. Also it could have gotten at least 50% stun resistance. They keep bringing broken ass creatures into game without properly buffing other older creatures. GET ON IT LUDIA!!!


Mortem does not need its cleansing ability back and it should never have had one to begin with. At most, it could benefit from an On-Escape attack, but its otherwise fine as is.

But yes, both Trykosaurus, and Diorajasaur, for that matter, need some Resistance buffs.


yep mortem is fine but as persian said they both need a lot of work especially dark helmut he has been long overlooked


They removed it from Mortem because a fierce should not be killing cunnings so easily. But on the other side, they did the same mistake with Thor, so you wonder when they will learn :slight_smile:


mortem does not need cleansing impact at all. thor doesnt need cleansing either. you cna argue indotaurus but thats about it.

as for tryko, its actually doing better now. its not at the level of the broken stuff we have, but it does have some of its bite back with it now beating the likes of hydra. that healing, hp and a tad more armor helped.

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The Death Queen is fine where she is. Meanwhile Tryko needs to be restored back to her former glory like she should (with better resistances and a proper counter)

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How many players who are saying Mortem is fine as it is are actually still using it?

It’s absolutely hopeless with SR3 and Ref in every team that completely wipe it out with a swap in very time you try and use it.


I agree.
To me as Thor got cleanse move then WHY not Mortem?

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Fierce devouring cleanse on mort should be ok, but it really need a on escape.
Tryko should have resistances, declaration abilities and a better priority move

Thor got it for money, not for balance. It shouldn’t cleanse, and neither should Mortem.


Yep, Mortem is a free kill almost every battle. Ref completely kicked it out of the meta. Rexy is far superior

Yeah, Mortem absolutely needs an On Escape move. So often I get one hit on something like Skoona, they swap to a swap-in attack and Morty is a goner. Or, as mentioned, Scorp3 or Ref swap in and Morty can’t do anything outside of maybe a tiny fraction of damage. It would be nice if I could at least get one hit in before he’s out.


I am.

And the only thing it actually needs is an On Escape attack.

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Ehem i think your getting it confuesed with something else thats not that good bc mortem *does need his cleanse back* to actualy be a good creature! Do you see more then 3 people in the top 10 using it? THATA WHAT I THOUGHT! So do you see why im saying it needs its cleanse back or am i gonna need to wright a paragraph to EXPLANE?

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Im a bit hesitant to boost rexybor even level her past 20. Shes sure to get a hybrid because shes a fan favorite. I dont want to loose out on the hybrid because inleveled her up for pvp.

Fierce do not need cleansing to be good. And mortem does not need cleanse to bring it back into the meta. That was the whole issue with it the first time. Give it an on eacape so its harder for people to swap ref and scorp on it. Problem mostly solved.


Ive used Mortem for the longest time, only dropping it for Giganyx a week ago. Mortem definitely does not need a cleansing move. Like others have said, shes way too open to swappers and all she needs is a decent on escape.


Give it impact on ecape (tarbo-compy hybrid’s on escape)

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Ehat about a devour type on escape?