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Mortem new DNA cap is unfair and will aggravate the RNG inequality

There are some great stuff coming from the 2.0 minor update. But there are some other things that aren’t that great. Some players already have more than 200 Mortem rex DNA while other(if not most of them) only have received 10’s for four weeks in a row. Now that Ludia said that the new minimum DNA will be 15 and the maximum 30, the players who have 40 DNA will only receive Mortem after 9 weeks considering the best scenario possible. And we have some players who have more than 200 Mortem DNA that will possibly unlock Mortem within the next 3 or 4 weeks. The real problem is: while some will need 9 weeks to unlock it, others will already have leveled up Mortem and this will, as said in title, aggravate things…
My suggestion is: set evereyone’s Mortem DNA to a number (like 100 or something) and let the new 15~30 RNG works beggining on that new cap or it will just make things even worse…


That’s one of the most fair suggestions… You could not work at Ludia… Too much skills :rofl:


Why not just change it to beat Morty 10 times? Takes RNG out of the equation completely.


You mean beating it for 10 weeks, right?

Ha! Yes, I did. Didnt think that one through. :grin:

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While I can agree that changing the reward after its been running as such for a month isn’t a great idea, I don’t see this change as “bad” for most players. If most players were only getting the minimum reward of 10 dna, its kinda good. Now most players will get 15 per win, which makes it take less time for most players to unlock it. I’m not going to be upset because I didn’t win a tiny chance jackpot that’s no longer possible anymore anyway.

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Yep, totally unfair that I’ve attempted Morty 5 times and got nothing. Oh, wait. That’s how the game works. Yes, I’m a little jealous of the purple who are close to unlocking Morty, but I’m also jealous of you guys who have viable teams. Perspective?


Well, RNG is a thing, time of play is another thing… While you probably won’t be facing Mortem in arena, we will and probably leveled up and boosted ones…

Imagine it like a car race. The flag releases some players before others. After the beggining of the run, some voices on the sky decide to change the speed of all the cars in the race, but they don’t restart the race to be fair for all… That is how I see it. The ones who haven’t started the race yet will now be able to start it but in a lower speed while the ones who started it before will always stay on pole position

Okay, so somebody in lower library who has been playing since June 2018 lives in [Locale 1] and works in [Locale 3] yet still has only a level 26 Maxima knows nothing of RNG. Got it. (Almost straight 10s on Ardontosaurus since unlocking btw.)
I’d say that assuming I won’t see Morty in the arena soon is a pretty broad assumption, but please carry on.

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I understand your point of view, but like you said : “That’s how the game works” and I think this is not how the game is supposed to work. I’m sorry you were not able to beat it yet, took me two weeks to kill it the first time, so don’t be so hard on us and on yourself… You will be able to beat it :grimacing::wink:

About the straight 10’s on Ardonto, I would recommend you to do multiple fuses, it worked for me and I started getting better DNA. Preferable 20 fuses, it will probably be worth the wait :wink:

Got a 60 last time I did it.

But here’s my point: you guys had four weeks with a chance (albeit small) to get 150 Morty. You got 10, that’s the RNG. I’m sorry for that, but every week I beat it, I will have 0% chance to roll a 150. The 15 minimum is a small consolation. Let’s just say that you’re short 20 DNA from where you would be. You’re still 40 DNA ahead of me. I’m having a hard time feeling too sorry about that. Sorry.

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I got a 50 on my Tyrannolophosaurus the last time I did a 5 fuse on it :sweat_smile:. And i got a 2500 fuse on Monomimus after waiting for a 100 fuse.

You don’t need to be sorry, we all have days of anger, that’s normal :grimacing: I think the idea to change to 15~30 isn’t bad. My only concern is the previous DNA. But we all know that they probably won’t change it, so…

My suggestion was similar. There is a scale here of the old range vs the new range.

All old rewarded DNA should be reconfigured under the new scale.

So if someone hit 200 or whatever twice, they should now have 60, not 400.

Someone that hit the lowest, 10 twice, should now have 30.

And then anything in between should be scaled appropriately.

To me, that is the most fair thing. It still allows those lucky ones to keep a bit of their luck, but it removes the disparity.


Let’s say we were to reset everybody to 50 Morty DNA. That’d be great for me: I’d get 50 DNA for little-to no effort. The people who have 200+ would be livid as taking simething away once you have it never sits well. You’d get 10 DNA to feel vindicated, but would you be a little bitter to those like me? The only fair solution would be to go back in time and set it to these new parameters, but that’s not possible. I guess, what’s a more fair solution than the one we got?


If you want to play the law of numbers, sure there will be fewer people who rolled a 150 or 200 coming on the forums and complaining, so I’ll give you that, but don’t think that they won’t.

I see this as something akin to a bank error. Besides monopoly, if a bank makes an error, you do not get to keep it…by law…you have to give it back. Ludia made an error. This new range is much better suited to this game. Because it was Ludia’s error, anything awarded on the old system should be scaled. If the argument becomes “But I got really lucky and wanted to use that lucky advantage for a long time so don’t scale my rewards”, I do not think I or probably most people would be sympathetic to that. A scaled version still allows the lucky ones to be on top, just not as far away and more in line with the new range.

No, I get that, but If I were 40 DNA away from unlocking Morty and found myself suddenly back at 200 away, I would be annoyed, even if it were credited to luck. Even if it were by error, it’s still moving the goal-posts. There’s no way to solve this and make everybody happy without a Neuralyzer or drawing ire from the Department of Temporal Investigations.

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