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Mortem or Thor

Now that we have a chance to put boosts on different creatures do u guys think it’s more worth it to boost thor or mortem? They both have similar moves except for mortem resistances and thors instant charge
Also which would be better for raids or pvp

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hands down m rex, if you dont have a 30 thor, dont even bother if you have m rex


Mortem is better for both raids and PvP.


Thor beats mortem straight up 1v1 , but mortem is overall better for pvp and raids


Actually thor needs at least 1 crit to beat m rex

Without any crit thor is swinging 7400 damage after IC. Thats a lot of hp for a mortem to have, but yeah if he has more than that it would take a crit

lvl 26 no boosts, thor does 4300 damage on no crits, and no boosts also makes m rex faster forcing a ic from thor

You are correct, unboosted he needs a crit, so thor should win 64% of the matches unboosted

yes counry cruiser

I used to be torn between the two.
But at L29 Mortem becomes noticeably superior.
L30 is going to be off the chain.

Without any doubts Mrex is the better one.
More attack, more speed, better resistances, better moveset.

Bonus: While you have to grind hours for thor, mrex only costs you 5-10 minutes per week.