MORTEM REX : All of its moves are wrong for some reason?


What the heck was going on here ??

Earlier today we started a Ceramagnus raid using a MORTEM REX as one of the raid team and everything seemed o.k. but then the raid went totally haywire in the blink of an eye !

I had clicked on the correct moves but i got a different move instead of what i should have got ??

when i clicked on roar it came out as the FIERCE RAMPAGE instead ??

When i clicked FIERCE RAMPAGE it came out as ROAR instead ???

When i clicked on FIERCE IMPACT it came out as ALERT FATAL STRIKE instead ??

Like what the bleeding heck is going on here for petes sake ?? yes i know we won but that raid was so messed up it is beyond belief lol

Can this be looked into thanks as it makes the game even more complicated if this keeps happening especially during raids or during PvP battles etc ?

please note that the animation of fierce rampage is used for roar now. And the fierce rampage animation is using roar aniamtion


ah i am not talking about the animation side of things here but the actual moves themselves…

This is what i am talking about in reality not the various animation for each move but the actual move sets themselves every one of them was entirely wrong, i apologize for any confusion on my behalf if there was any.
kind regards JoeVolcano27 LHMB alliance.

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Im not sure whats happened but for some reason, Fierce Rampage acts like the Roar move and ROAR acts like Fierce Rampage move, anyone else notice that bug ? please fix, ludia :wink: