Mortem Rex and roar

So it clearly says the new roar will buff the next two attacks lasting two turns.

It doesn’t it only buffs the next attack.

So is the description wrong?

Or is the move not doing what it should be doing?

Either way this is a pretty poor show isn’t it?

An answer would be appreciated @Ned


Well since the patch notes said that the move buffs damage for two attacks, and the description says the move buffs damage for two attacks, and even something like Persistent Ferocious Strike buffs damage for two attacks on 0 cooldown… I’d say they need to make Roar buff damage for 2 attacks.


It’s been over two weeks now and nothing from Ludia suggests anything is being done to rectify this though @Mudkipz.


They also haven’t given Group Cunning Impact a cooldown, I wouldn’t put too much stock in what the devs haven’t addressed yet.


It also drives me nuts that they accidentally put Roar’s animation on the rampage, and the rampage’s animation on the roar. I know it’s not a game-breaking bug or anything but it’s such a simple fix – it can be done with code or by dragging a couple arrows around in Unity.


Hey there, Schtemty. I believe this is currently being looked into by our team.

@Ned I think it’s more a question of priority. Is this “being looked at” in the same sense that the old alliance requests still showing up is “being looked at” or is it more in the way something is being given away in the store for the wrong price “being looked at”?

Obviously the priority for this lies somewhere inbetween, but it just seems that ever since the buy out, things that used to be hot fixed aren’t getting “looked at” until the next release (or two, or three). Going through the thread that you posted, there are quite a few items on that list that I dare say would have been fixed by now, if this were 2018-19.

Hey there, Somedinoguy. I can definitely understand your concerns. What I can say for sure is that our team is working hard and trying their best to resolve current and new issues that are brought up as soon as they can.


Its been a while and it’s roar attack still only buffs 1 turn/1 attack instead of 2. The description still says 2 attacks and 2 turns. Ludia are you going to fix this? I’m not too sure with 2 attacks does it mean current attack + next attack (like ferocious but with defence shattering + group) or does it buff the next 2 attacks? (Next one and the one after) I hope its the former, but even if its the latter that’s still better than its current state! Come on the class triangle now looks more like a trapezium than a triangle because fierce is too weak! Please work on improving the only fierce apex that represents its own class!


Just realised that. How can there be 1 fierce out of 7 apexes? It should be strong but no