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Mortem Rex buff! hp changes, and new attack!

what do you think?

  • Mortem Rex was fine as it was
  • Mortem Rex needs these changes
  • these are good, but it doesn’t really need them
  • Mortem Rex as it is needs a nerf
  • This buff is to little.

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Its fine as it is, doesnt need it doing 5,000 damage on a rampage at 26, with a 40% chance to do 6,250 while unboosted at 26. Thats op. Especially since it will at least do 3,000 or 3,750 graunteed.


idk if you realize, mortem rex is very underpowered right now. and plus it should be very strong because it’s an Apex, the supposed strongest rarity in the game.


Mortem is already crazy strong. It can hit like a truck but goes down to what naturally counters it


How many threads have you seen that are saying to BUFF Mortem Rex? quite a bit, how many have said Mortem Rex is really powerful? ZERO.


That’s because no one has it at team level, so it feels underpowered

“How many threads have you seen that are saying to BUFF Mortem Rex? quite a bit, how many have said Mortem Rex is really powerful? ZERO.”

frankly, I only saw one topic wanting to buffmortem rex with 2 fanatics who, I presume have not yet or yet faced (unlike me)
So,no thank you,oh and please,remove this cleansing impact which screw the logic of the game.
Its a pure chomper,he shouldn’t beat any cunning ,thank you in advance.


Yes it should, since it requires nearly level 30 booosted dinos to even begin collecting its DNA. On top of taking 20 weeks to unlock once the process starts. This isn’t an ordinary dino, it’s the closest thing to a paywalled one.

Are you kidding?
Some people on this forum show you how to do it with haast eagle lvl10 or even a lvl1 eremotherium!
It is afordable to ANYONE even those who begin on this game.
So no,it don’t deserve a buff,it need to be harder to deal with and a slight nerf once unlocked.
Ludia create cunnings creature for a reason:I don’t see why apexs break the rule,if they can’t stand their choice,i prefere mortem to be really bad then.

Personally I’d propose something more like this:

Well,i prefer this version to the current one.
At least it can’t deal against distraction.
But once again…why a fierce have a swap prevention?no sense at all…

Those strats are gimmick strategies carried by level 30 max boosted players. They aren’t real, reliable strategies.

Apexes should be, and are better than the rest. Tough it out.


This just makes Mortem unusable.

That’s because no one has them at team level. Wait until max mortems are terrorizing the arena. It naturally feels underpowered because there is no even playing field

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This version of Morten rex will be most susceptible to cunning, but will have an extreme damage output to destroy fierce Dino’s.

Agree with the OP… Mortem rex is the weakest Apex, unable to even defeat Hadros or Cera in a 1v1 matchup

I’d personally prefer this


It doesn’t necessarily need those changes, but i would welcome them. The HP is currently fine, tho a buff wouldn’t hurt. I think the minor ferocity impact is a better choice than cleansing impact. They keep giving cleansing abilities to chompers, i don’t think they should. This breaks the class system. A ferocious move would be much more insteresting and wouldn’t be breaking the system by killing cunning creatures.

I think that in their mind they gave it cleansing because its an apex and needs to be powerful and should be capable of dealing damage to everything.

Welp, imo It would be a better creature If It focused on being better at one thing than to try making It good against it’s counters. The ferocity would make It a beast against everything that wasn’t a cunning creature, which would be awesome as an Apex fierce creature.

these kind of topic are the exact reason why arena is unbalanced…
I expect ludia to not listen those kids.

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