Mortem Rex immune to distraction

Seems like instant distraction doesn’t work on mortem during PvP battles.
My spinoconstrictor used instant distraction and it had no affect on Mortem Rex. Am I missing something?
Mortem only has cleanse vulnerable listed and is not immune to distraction.

Hey there, Dennis_G. Could I ask you to reach out to our team at with your support key, and details of the PVP battle? Our team would be more than happy to investigate.


It might be the attack buff from roar. The attack buff cancels out some of the distraction from instant distraction so you will still receive a bit of damage.


As overkill said.

Rather than 100% distraction to 0 and 50% buff to 0, think of it as minus 100% damage plus 50% damage equals minus 50% damage.


Instant Distraction only reduces base damage but doesn’t remove damage increase like Cunning Strike, so if Mortem used Roar before that, it will still have the damage buff.

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