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Mortem Rex in 4 turns? Done!

UPDATE: It seems our friends in Apex has done this strategy already for some time, but still fun😆

Mortem Rex in 4 turns? Why not! Done by TOP500 alliance.

Thyla is such an awesome raid creature, and deserves time to shine also vs Morty with assistance from the usual suspects: Tuo, Thor and Irritator.

You will need big Tuo and Thor, and a mid size Irritator. Thyla can be any size.

Big thanks to Alex for this awesome strategy and to TOP500 members IronRage, Mol and Sudipto for doing the rounds.

You will need some RNG for 4 turns:

  1. Thor must crit at least once in round 1
  2. Morty can’t crit turn 2 or Tuo will die
  3. Thor must crit both turns in round 2

Success rate for 4 turns: 8.6%
Success rate for win: 60%

Can be done with L20 Irritator if you avoid any Morty crit. Success rate for 4 turns: 3.1%

Thor and Thyla must be slower than Irritator.

Like it?


Impressive! Good job, keep up the good work of showing mortem who’s boss!