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Mortem Rex is the new Thor

After Thor got nerfed Mortem is the new one shot killer. We just need to unlock him after beating him hes very hard to beat.

At least it’s hard to get unlike Thor.


Same speed as thor 1.7,200 more damage,same crit,same hp,just a change between cleansing impact and instant charge and, you add lots of unecessary immunties(DoT,Speed decrease,stun,swap prevention,vulnerability)
So maybe the crits are reduce from 1,5X dmg to 1,25X but with all those immunities and a higher dmg base,he is WAY worst than thor.

Are you sure about that? I’m pretty sure Thor had less than 1680 base damage in 1.7, it was buffed to 1680 after the crit nerf. Even now it only has 1700.

Thor got a speed nerf and no longer has the rampage but is good at raids for Mortem killing minions" killed morty a second time.As for speed mines boosted to 131.Shes not as good at arenas but still good but better at raids now the new one hitter is Morty.

Yeah Tarbos everywhere now.

It’s been everywhere lol. I have a max level Thor and over 250k tarbo dna. But Sino and allo snd bery common as well. At lest with Mortem it is a group effort and not easily obtainable unless you’ve got a good road squad and strategy. But more than that it’s the luck of how much dna you receive.


I’ve faced Morty in Gyrosphere, it hits hard but otherwise wasn’t a problem. Thor had IC so could often deal a lot of damage on it’s way out. Obviously Morty isnt “fully realized” yet but I think it’s more balanced than some other dinos

Mortem isn’t the hardest to beat. It can 1-shot a lot of creatures like mags and phorasaura, but there are still plenty of creatures that beat it. Tenontorex, erlidom, spyx, quetzorion, edaphocevia, monolometrodon, marsupial lion, titanoboa, and so on.
It’s also not “the new thor”. Thor is easy to level and create. Mortem is nowhere near easy to make. And then leveling it isn’t fun either.


Max speed Mortem incoming!

Are you ready for 148 speed mortem with deceleration immunity?
Personnaly,i am not


Almost every speedster is gonna wreck it It isn’t hard for them to pass 149 speed

i know i’m boosting mortem when i get him, but how is still to be determined. probably going to be my main Max counter, but what speed to take it to considering how differently people boost max.

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I’ll use twenty attack boosts and 10 health or speed boosts. The ones that will wreck it are speedsters and they will be faster anyway, my mortem will have tons of attack and decent health.

I wouldn’t go beyond 116. This is what speed I see most common in maximas. Youwant to take advantage of that massive attack stat and make sure to boost the hp so it can be able to deal with everything. Speed isn’t gonna really matter much with mortem


Yeah. i wasn’t sure what the average speed was in higher arenas. i tend to see 110-112 on the aviary/library border.

It doesn’t one shot magna, a crit cleansing impact does 3750 damage, magna has 3900. If If doesn’t swap magna wins 100%

Shoot. I keep forgetting that it got the hp buff

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Thor says hi


Very nice sorry ya got slowed but ya won hehe.