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Mortem Rex Raid Is Too Strong

This is just advice for jwa but mortem rex is way harder then it should be, this is because of its 40% crit chance but its crit chance actually seems higher then 40% this may just be me but it seems like its 60%, 70% and on really unlucky days it feels like 90% of the time mortem is gonna get a crit and possibly ruin the raid.

it is really hard, but thats what apex raids are meant to be. the higher crit chance part is human psychology.


It’s not hard you just have to do it with the right strat

It takes me 1-2 tries to win but sometimes 3 or 4 if it’s really bad luck

It‘s one of the easiest and fastest raids. You need strong dinosaurs and that‘s the idea behind Apex class creatures as final endgame dinos.

There are already too much Apexes like Hadros and Mortem in the arena used by players that were pulled through by stronger team mates.



You’re not using a good strategy, here’s a tip: cunning moves take away crit chance.

Some of the known strats are just gambling on a dodge, or succeed with top dinos. But any strat with cunnings and healers will do, really the worry is 1 move in round 1 and 1, possibly 2 in round 2.

I think the Mortem raid is perfect. It can be done with smaller stuff, but only with good luck. If you have a bigger team, you basically never fail. I wish all the Apex raids were harder and shorter like Mortem.


Like the first version of the ceramagnus raid was good. Now it is way too easy. It was perfect when it went out but the raid was nerfed because people complained I assume.

I don’t remember how the Raid was when it first came out. It still gives my teammates trouble, but after a few times, it’s all good.

Now they should leave Refrenantem alone as well. It’s just the right amount of difficulty for a cunning Apex Raid.

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It’s fine for the level that you are supposed to be unlocking mortem. You shouldn’t be allowed to unlock these raid bosses so easily. This is why ceramagnus is such a problem


Well that’s just rng for you. The apex’s raids are SUPPOSED to be hard, not easy. There are plenty of strats that you can use that have a correct me if I’m wrong with this 100% win rate or 99.9%. So I don’t really see your point for this “nerf”.


This is what happens when you can do apex raid with lvl 20 tyros.


Wait a minute, where is my reply?i dont remember deleting it

Bruh you do realize that it’s just luck right? The whole point of mortem is to get high chance at crits to not make it completely rubbish (in pvp) mortem rex isn’t OP as some people would call it, they just need to know how to play, fight it or counter it to not make it so called “OP” so no mortem rex should not get nerfed or get its crit chance nerfed. The whole point of the apex raids it to be difficult not easy and in the end it pays off so I don’t see your point with this dumb nerf lol, and if you really want to not have mortem crit just use stuff that removes its crit chance or just get better at the game lol no point in needing a nerf.

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It’s a boss it supposed to be hard

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You know what? Why don’t we just give everybody a level 26 Compsocaulus while we’re at it? Ideally, Apex raids are designed for players with creatures level 25-30. I remember boosting the living snot out of my level 26 Maxi just to be included in a raid. Now Maxi is pushing level 30 and I’ve finished Mortem in 5 turns.
If you can finish Mortem with lower-level creatures, consider yourself fortunate, and accept that niche strategies like these are going to be incredibly RNG-dependent. Otherwise, working towards a level 25 Tryostronix with two HP boosts will be your best goal to avoiding this RNG. You can do Mortem, you just might need to work for it.


That’s what raid should be! The hard worth the results.

sounds like your team is too weak. F to lvl 20 tyros

Are we really asking to nerf the raid boss’s now aswell? :joy: :joy: :joy:

This community is becoming a joke.

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