Mortem Rex Raid Strategy

This is a raid strategy that is a slight change from another like raid strategy. This one, Thor has just enough health to take one big hit from Mortem on the 2nd turn of round 1 so that Tuoramoloch stays alive through the whole raid. My 2nd try at this raid went through perfectly. If Mortem crits either the 1st or the 2nd turn, you have to start over but at least this is a short strategy for retries.

I put all the stats of my creatures including the boost tiers so you have an idea of what you need to do this strategy. I just about boosted Tuora’s damage to tier 10 for a complete heal for everyone but didn’t need to. The extra boosts I did apply will help with other raids.



ok just had to sahre this not for everyone but cna work with smaller morties too and is fun to try.
3 different speed morties is the best and a touro with a fair bit of health so it dies turn 2. the order in the strat is the order the morties move so if they are all the same speed you ahve to decide who is one 2 and three…just liek that old timey styg raid with three tentos :stuck_out_tongue: mortem rex raid 3 turn finally worked fastest strat jwa - YouTube

RNG strat because mortem big hit of it crits will kill thor

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