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Mortem rex should be out on the weekend

I work and most of my alliance members also work. It is very hard to coordinate times we can attempt it let alone try to get our lower level members to kill it.

It would make much more sense for the thing that requires the most amount of coordination to be available on the weekends when most people have more time to play.


I think they arranged the raids so they don’t clash with the tournaments. But you make a good point.

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Yes that was their reasoning. But it really should be switched.
Tournaments you do alone and can queue up whenever you have 5 mins.

While raids you need to make a group and coordinate and need more time.


I wouldn’t say “should” but it would be cool. I suggested that we had more time to fight the bosses, like, leave them for 2 days each… Maybe Mortem Sunday-Monday, the others Tuesday-Wednesday and Thursday-Friday. None Saturday. Which would mean one less creature, but I would be fine with that, especially if we had more variety (and better minimum to maximum rewards).

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Cancel tournaments. Problem solved. Add 1 Common and 1 Rare Raid Boss plus let Mortem be the weekend.

Monday Common
Tuesday Rare
Wed Epic
Thurs Legend
Fri Unique
Sat and Sun Apex

Tournament can be whenever or never I dun care.


No I dont want to have any raids on the weekend!
Weekend is tournament time and many players are invest much time to get a good position and help there alliance for the incubators.

Why? Many players like the tournaments on weekend, if you dont play it then please dont complain.
The tournaments you can play the whole weekend and with your stupid mortem you have 20 min fun!

And If you want Raids on weekend you can play PoGo :smiley:


Cant always find full alliance group for it either, which is why i created this ,i’m sure you can find people here thats ready to raid with you

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You are.kidding right? Raids give more.incs than tournaments. Tournaments are boring… Best you can hope for is battles and takedowns. Incs are best farmed from arena and towers. Raids of.course but maybe not Mortem.


Does anyone know mortems stats at creation?

i think raids should have their own section like campain and you can choose when to do one whenever you want but there is still that limit that they all have for the dna so anyone can do it when they want too.

So your saying you can raid whenever you want but only get the large dna reward on their respective days? I like that idea it would let you try out new strategies.

No, like they can do it whenever they want but they dont get the big rewards until a week later for that respected dino.

Oh okay. That works it’s kinda cool to see them on the map though…