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Mortem Rex should have 100% stun resistance

It seems a little weird that Gorgotrebax - a pure cunning - has immunity to stun, a resilient move, yet Mortem only has a resistance.



I feel like its resistances are fine, because a 100% stun immunity would disable you from blocking any major damage if you can’t distract. I do see why you would want this though, because apexes should be stronger and they are pretty weak at the moment.


Eh, stun isn’t really that resilient when you get down to it. Yes, when you look at dinos that use stun, it’s mostly resilients (e.g. ceratopsians) or dinos that inherit stun from a resilient ancestor (e.g. Thor, Phorusaura). Although lately Ludia has been introducing more dinos with stun that aren’t resilient and don’t have any resilient ancestors (Stegoceras, Refrenantem, SR2, SR3).

But looking at stun effectiveness I’d say is actually more important, and stun resistance is all over the place. Gorgotrebax is far from the only cunning that resists stun - in fact, the amount of dinos with stun resistance is about equal between all the classes. There are 22 stun immune cunnings, 24 fierce, and 21 resilients (counting hybrid classes twice, once for each class). Proportionally this holds up, with 22.4% of cunnings, 26% of fierce, and 18.6% of resilients resisting being immune to stun, and 41.8% of cunnings, 38% of fierce, and 27% of resilients resisting stun (meaning that the cunning class actually has proportionally the highest stun resistance). In terms of resistance alone, stun is actually balanced more like what you’d expect from a fierce ability, but obviously stun usage doesn’t line up with that. So when you use stun, it’s effectiveness is actually independent of the class of dino you’re targeting (if anything, a cunning dino is the MOST likely to resist stun), and shows much less of a trend towards/against specific classes than deceleration or vulnerability (of which of 23.5% cunnings resist decel compared to 50% of fierce and 46% of resilients; and 15.3% of cunnings resist vulnerable compared to 56.6% of fierce and 44.2% of resilients). So since dinos of all classes are all about equally affected by stun, I’d argue that it’s more of a neutral ability, with it’s effectiveness instead being decided at the level of individual dinos.

That doesn’t mean Mortem can’t get more stun resistance, it just means that a class-based argument for it getting stun immunity doesn’t hold up.


If it ends up losing Cleansing Impact, it would be nice to get a buffed up DoT and Stun Resistance as compensation, even though you can’t cleanse being Stunned.

Distraction and dodging should really be the only means of beating Mortem in a 1v1 for the most part.


If anything needs stun resistant buff its indoT, it just gets stunned everytime when he is cloaking

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simply no nitro morties are to prevelant if you have no way to slow its roll you might as well just give up.