Mortem Rex Strike Tower Event Suggestion

Most of us by now that are low on mortem rex dna fear that the mortem raids will end in the near future, so will there be other any way apart from raids to get more mortem dna ludia before mortems time ends like a mortem strike tower event ?



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I don’t think mortem will end.
You have atleast 3 more month,next update will probably bring a 4th apex so monday to thursday get apex boss,maybe after,there will be rotation if we start to get a 5th.


I don’t think Mortem raids will end, there’s still a chance that ludia will give raids even on other days of the week.

Surely at some point, when most good players get it, Ludia will put it up for sale in the store at some point, or in some alliance tournament, or maybe do some special event for those who can’t get it.