Mortem rex sucks

It dies very easily, has quite a few counters, and despite its 40% crit chance it rarely crits. Its supposed to be better than a unique but its no better than a legendary. I was very excited to add this creature to my team when I unlocked it but despite all the boosts (currently 5/11/7) it seems to be one of my weakest dinos. I had high hopes seeing as it not only took so long to unlock, but that its supposed to be the best dino in the game, being the highest rarity.

It’s not a hybrid creature. It’s a base creature that is essentially a beefed up Rex.
Ludia never specifically stated that Apex was going to be better than unique. I’m pretty sure they just needed a different rarity so they didn’t make all these Boss creatures Epics. That would make Apex it’s own special rarity that is better than Epic but somewhere in between Legendary and Unique status.

should Apex creatures be better than uniques? Debatable.
Do i think M-Rex needs a buff? Possibly.


It does (generally) require endgame-level uniques to unlock though. So it makes sense that it should be endgame viable. And I think that it fundamentally is: after all it’s an objectively better version of T Rex, and T Rex itself has found it’s way onto a few top-level teams recently. But I think the main weakness of Mortem is one it shares with fierce dinos in general, and that is that it’s very one-note. Besides raw damage, they have very few debuff tools to help them in battle. Now this is by design (and probably why cleansing is so common on fierce dinos: they can’t inflict many debuffs, but they CAN remove them from themselves), but it gives them fewer options to win in otherwise losing matchups.


Mortem is just fine, maybe small hp buff only. Though boosted arena is just to tough for fresh creature. Also Mortem lacks lvls in higher arenas. It’s good Orion bait. It’s main role is to counter tanks that destroys most of other creatures.


i’m just spouting off my own conspiracy theory.
if Ludia didn’t intend for Apex to be above unique, we wouldn’t need those creatures to take it down.

i do see the rarity as a special clause tho. (kinda looking towards future here) As a basic creature, how powerful are we going to allow them to be? If they aren’t getting hybrids, i’d say sure, make them be better than uniques. But if Ludia has a plan to introduce Apex hybrids, where should that power lv be aligned?


Those are some good points. I personally hope they don’t make Apex hybrids. Plus they would require getting an Apex up to level 30, fusing with ANOTHER level 30, and the hybrid being level 31, which doesn’t exist yet, and I don’t think it ever should. But Apexs are basic creatures, so I’d say they should be around the same strength as uniques. But then again, Ludia so far doesn’t have a great track record of balancing dinos within a rarity, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we got some especially strong and especially weak Apexes.


If you look back you will see that I said this well over a month ago when I unlocked Mortem.

Mine is now level 27 with 27 boosts on it and it still sucks


Mortem, looking at stats, resistances and abilities, is above a unique in terms of overall power. but where it falls flat is it is one dimensional compared to unique hybrids which can handle many more situations.


Thor beats it hands down, every single time

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in what scenarios? cause i would assume M-Rex would beat out thor the majority of the time.

Thor will impact
Mortem impact
Thor IC … Mortem dies


Exactly. And like I said, that’s a weakness it shares with a lot of other pure fierce, especially chompers. One thing that makes Thor so strong is that it has a stunning Priority move to mix things up a bit.


yeah. i see it. That stupid instant charge. and good luck with thor not critting either of those attacks.

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It only wins with a crit I’m pretty sure, if both are even levels without any boosts

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This is why I love my Tyrannolophosaur. More utility

Dude, find me an unboosted Thor!


Find an unboosted mortem as well

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Thor doesn’t do enough damage to kill Mortem though, this would only do 4250 damage, and it would need to do 4500. Of course thats assuming Thor doesn’t crit, which it probably would. But it wouldn’t win every time. But if Thor is boosted to be faster, it can just Rampage to guarantee a win.

You need to look at them on even footing, since boosts and leveling can be used to give either one a distinct advantage.


with thor having 2 chances to crit and win that match up, it’s very much in Thor’s favor. it won’t win every time, but a good majority of it.


I’ve been running Mortem for about six weeks now and I can assure you, Thor whoops Mortem 1 vs 1 every time.
Maybe because every Thor is level 30 and fully boosted, but Mortem has no defence and with Thor hitting it twice guaranteed there is no way Mortem can beat it