Mortem rex sucks

I guess what he is saying is that morten needs instant charge :rofl:

priority distraction would solve it without being another thor.

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I’m simply stating what is actually happening, not what would happen if they were equal levels.

No animosity here, and I’m not saying Mortem should have this that or the other. Just saying …

actually, just a tad more hp. 4800 and Mortem’s good to go and can survive a thor IC crit.


Maybe I’m being too nitpicky, but since on even footing Thor needs to crit one of the hits, it only has an 80% chance of winning. It would still win most of the time by far, but guaranteed implies that Mortem will never win, which objectively isn’t true. I would definitely give the advantage to Thor though, hands down.

Maybe thats what is happening now, but once people get Mortems up to level 30 and fully boosted, things would change. “How things are” is too subjective to be used to measure the true strength of a dino.

he’s not a genie for crying out loud

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.

When game press release their best Dino lists and the disclaimer states no boosts etc… this effectively makes the list not that useful in reality.

In reality it is rare to find unboosted dinos in the Library and Thor is one of the most boosted we will encounter.

So I face Thor that’s always a higher level, and always well boosted so when I guarantee Mortem loses I don’t say it lightly.

I will only bring Mortem in to finish a slower Dino now without taking any damage. This is when a Thor comes in and I never beat it. Actually I think I did once when their Thor was a similar level and I got a crit and they didn’t on either. I was somewhat surprised, and remember seeing most of the boosts on Thor were on speed. So a lesson to learn there everyone, speed isn’t everything.


Not sure why you feel the need to be so disparaging toward me, but when did I suggest Mortem was a genie?

I’m simply saying how it performs in the arena.

Should I say it’s great when it isn’t?

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Base attack should be 2500

You do realize it has the highest damage in the game, right?

Yup but to buff it the greatest strength should get stronger

Thats all subjective to change within the limits of the game though. Right now you’re seeing a lot of this:

With an unbalance like that, it’s no wonder Thor wins in that case every time. But not every matchup will be like that. Soon, we may be seeing more matches like this:


In that case, Mortem suddenly gains a HUGE advantage. Looking at dinos with differences in levels and boosts is kind of pointless, because you have to look at it on a case by case basis. What is true for two players dinos will not be true for two different players. Unboosted level 26 isn’t perfect, and isn’t as good at capturing what is most common in the arena. But it is the only way to assess the inherent base strengths of two dinos relative to one another without external influence.


I think Mortem is very good. It could be a little stronger, sure. There are quite a few Uniques better than it indeed, but still it’s certainly at Unique level. Mine can keep up with my level 29-30 team even though it’s at 26 And not fully boosted yet. It destroys Trykos, Dios, Maximas, Geminis and slower Tenontos. I wouldn’t say something like that “sucks”.


It’s REALLY good with boosts. That’s what matters.

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Here’s my suggestion. Keep it focused fierce while also giving it the power to kill most high hp creatures in one hit. (Needed the crit)


It needs cleansing tho

I can see what you’re saying @Mudkipz and you are right. If Mortem is equal level it should beat Thor depending on how both are boosted. And so far I’ve not faced Thor at the same or lower level.

Yes it does @Arnold and maybe I’m being unfair by saying it sucks. Perhaps after way too long in the arena today and facing so many max boosted level 30 Thor’s I’m biased!

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How about this?



101010 and idc this is a sentence

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