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Mortem rex unlock

hi guys and girls some clan members and i just killed the mortem rex when unlocked what level will it start at ?? Thanks Andy

all the apex start at level 26


thank you ,also sorry to be a pain but after i posted on forum we were team chatting and discovered we had been awarded variuos amounts of its dna i and our clan leader had 50 each andnthet other 2 players in the battle had 10 each just curious how the reward is distributed the 2 that survived the battle had 50 dna each the 2 thqtvdiedt had 10 dna is that a coincidence ? is reward randomn or do players get more dna if they survive? thank you Andy

It’s just total randomness

There’s the base reward (10) and 3 bonus awards - Unlikely Bonus, Super Unlikely Bonus and Super Duper Unlikely Bonus - these bonuses are randomly awarded and the amount of DNA is player level dependent. Gamepress did a datamine to find the details:

Nice! Its the new Thor before nerf ya gotta raid morty more to lvl him up more though.