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Mortem rex vs. Alpha 06 vs. Omega 09

Who’s the true king of tyrants?

  • Mortem rex
  • Alpha 06
  • Omega 09

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does nobody else realize that the above alpha 06 can kill both mortem rex and omega 09 in one hit?


Alpha 06 and Omega 09 are immortal :rofl:(Joke :rofl:)

They are immortal. but I was talking about the stats which he showed above

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Alpha 06 is op, it has ferocious strike, 5100 hp and 1950 attack meaning it does 2925 on first hit and then it does ferocious rampage which does 3,900 damage on the second hit and another 3,900 shield breaking rampage. Then it repeats. Mortem is the best against cunning while omega 09 is the best for raids. All of them are op

ferocious rampage here does 5850 damage which will can kill both omega 09 and mortem rex.

don’t you think dinosaurs with ferocious rampage and rending carnage with so many resistance OP

In a 1v1 battle,

If Mortem vs Omega, Mortem wins

If Omega vs Alpha, Omega wins

If Alpha vs Mortem, Mortem wins


Mortem is built as a 1v1 brute with access to cleanse, has the highest speed and damage

Alpha is built as the endgame revenge killer with access to damage boost, perfect set up creature

Omega is built as a raid beast with group shattering abilities, rending carnage deals massive damage

You are wrong here…
Alpha vs Mortem- Alpha wins (mortem goes first, hits, doesnt kill it and alpha kils it with ferocious rampage)
Alpha vs Omega- Alpha wins (the same as above)
Mortem vs Omega- (mortem hits, alpha hits, mortem kills)

you forgot that ferocious rampage does 5850 damage (it shows 3900 in the description but that doesn’t account for the ferocity)

Ferocious Rampage has a delay :man_facepalming:

Ah, i missed that… oops

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