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Mortem rex vs lvl 27 irritator fun fun

had a lot of fun with this and if you crit right very satisfying hits
one thing though round 2 turn one hit instead of loading a crit that will go you 2 crits after to finish him off

oh forgot to mention o strat basically this one but with an irritator and what i said above


This is just the normal Irritator strat but with a lvl 27 instead of 19? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

theres an irritator strat…haevnt seen it only one with lions and thylas

yeah sorry cannot find a irri tento max tour strat anywhere got a link to it so i can have a gander

I used an irri tento max tour strat for several weeks everyone knows about it lol

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Been using it pretty much since Mortem was released last Summer.


Oh man. i forgot that my tuora used to be 23 for mortem. time flies.


Ah yes, the memories. We’ve come a long way since then.

yep your right i must have forgotten the way back days :stuck_out_tongue: never really botheres as irris were a bit on the going to die quick stage back then :stuck_out_tongue: i,ll try and come up with something a little more interesting :stuck_out_tongue: