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Mortem Strategies

So what are some good strategies y’all have for mortem? I’m available to test different tactics you want to try. Username IronCaptain 2540.

Distract, heal repeat. Hes almost impossible without heavy distraction

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Aye maybe a combo of indo g2 dilorach maxima and Toura. Indo uses MF dilorach removes buff on mortem & distracts max kills all minions in 1 hit then Indo can constantly distract while dilorach and Toura heal

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Indo G2

TOura speed ups
IndoG2 Mutual fury
Dilora attack morten and nullify mutual fury
Thor Attacks everyone (minions out)…

Then… it is almost quite easy to finish the job

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Toura - speed up to start each round. And healing

Tryo - beef up everyone’s attack

Ardentis - heavy hitter and draw big attacks from Mort with high HP to survive. Group slow attack to start each round. With boost from Tryo cankill both minions with crit. Chance of crit higher from Tryo.

Tenon - Distract, Heal, Rampage


Irritator actually works better than Tryostronix, if you’re willing to level it up/boost its HP.

This is because it trades a Rampage for an extra 50% attack buff to the rest of the team. It allows you make do with lower level teammates.


How much does the dilo need to be boosted? I’m thinking of prepping my dilo for mortem

Pho, Erlidom, Dilor and Tenrex. Pho and Erlidom need to be boosted enough in ATK.

Pho instant one shots raptor.
Erlidom one shots Majunda.
Minions become a non-factor.
Rest is just a matter of distraction, healing and attack.

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Dilo needs more than 1500 attack preferably 2000 and probably around 4k something hp

We’ve done it with both a high boosted dilo and a non-boosted but level 29-30 dilo.

The importance of dilo is the nullification of positive effects and crits on Morten. At that point, if healers do a good job, the 4 dinos should be alive… at least 3.

Irritator insanely boosts every one…

Yesterday… 2 irritators against the IronCat buffing a tenonto and tuora lol
(this was just a test on which dino was causing highest damage at level 25.

Tenonto 15k
Maxima 12k