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Mortem unlocked!

Yes! :slightly_smiling_face:


(not all caps)


Thank you!

Very lucky

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Is he any good

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He’s not that bad. I put him in my team.

Lucky you .

I wish I could see the expression on the face of the player you’re battling when you switch out a lvl 1 eremo for your 26 Mortem XD

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That will really be exciting to look at their expressions😆

Congratulations! I mean that sincerely, that’s awesome.

According to one of my alliance mates though, people are unlocking, boosting, and using Mortem and Hadros Lux all the way down in Nublar Jungle! That’s not so awesome. I mean, there are strats for beating both of them with low level creatures, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. But having access to a level 26 that low kind of breaks the arena. Either that, or they’re droppers/hackers. If they’ve unlocked them fair and square though (even using cheese strats) they deserve to be able to use them, but let’s get some level caps, shall we?

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If they have lux at this point , yeah they’re definetely cheating, cause thats impossible :joy:

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Lol I had a hunch, I’m letting my alliance know to look out for those

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Wow. I mean, I’ve been away from the arena for some time, so I didn’t know that Apexes are already running around in the arenas.

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How much Exp did unlocking an Apex give you?

Like @Mayhem said, some are probably hackers. But given that the bosses have been technically beatable by certain low level creatures if you have the right team, it’s only a matter of time. I haven’t seen a single one in Aviary yet though.

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I still think max-boosted lvl 27-30 Thors are on the same level as Mortems.

That’s what I met in aviary and make me quit for good

I don’t mind fighting those too much, nor would it bother me to run into Mortem in Aviary and above. But in the lower arenas, that’s a pretty terrible for the game. We’ll just need to keep an eye on that I guess.

I would like to have Lux in my team, so I just need to find the right dinos.

congrats :+1: :+1: :+1: