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Mortem Unusable for Now

Mortem is unusable. I won’t get into how NONE of the top players even use Apexes bc of the power creep dinos introduced every new update, so let’s just talk about Mortem.

Ludia gave him a power-up move. Great! Or not? Mortem never gets to follow that move up bc of how many swap-in options are available.

Even my 3342 raid-built Mortem can’t one-hit most dinos in Shores (even with crit) on T1.

That means Mortem always takes a hit. So if that hit takes Mortem’s health to under 40%, Phorurex and Draco come into play.

If Mortem’s health goes under 2200-2300, MRhino, Cera, Phorurex or Draco.

Sometimes Mortem doesn’t even get that chance. If the opp has a SR3, game over for Mortem.

There are also swap-in distractors and dodgers like Orion, Compsocaulus, Thyla, and Refrenantem.

So… How could Ludia balance Mortem back out? I’m proposing a passive swap-out move like so many of the better Fierce dinos feature. Grypo has No Escape. Phorurex has a Stunning Obstruction. Indotaurus has Pesky Alert.

This, imo, would allow Mortem to compete at the highest levels of the game again as indicated by its Apex rarity.


They hit him pretty hard and blew all raid strats upside down too (the ones he’s used in).
For no particular reason…. But then again: Smilonemys :woman_shrugging:t3:


100% agree with the fact that Mortem is now useless.

Even if it did get the moveset it should have, as in roar buffing for 2 attacks it would never get that opportunity so it’s pretty pointless.

Another great example of how creatures aren’t tried out before being launched on an unsuspecting player base.


Yep. Mine is level 30, 2/20/8… so 5743/3646/124. It’s completely useless for both PVP and raids now. In the arena, it’s too slow and has too little HP, so it gets picked off immediately by a faster creature or a swap-in. In raids, it hits too hard with the new roar boost, finishing rounds too early and messing up the entire raid. I’m still using it because I refuse to lose half my boosts changing its build, but I hate drawing it now. When a creature is changed so majorly, we should be able to shuffle its boosts around for free.


I find Mortem somewhat usable. Somewhat as a finisher, otherwise no

I completely agree with this. Morty really needs an on-escape move to give it a chance in this oppressive anti-chomper meta.

Right now the nitro mortem is the only somewhat viable build, and this shouldn’t be the case. It’s way too easy to cheese chompers.


On Escape Shattering Obstruction?


On Escape Rampage. With Mortem’s current state, he MUST be able to punish hard those who want to run out for the swap in kill, which is basically everything.
Wanna swap into Scorp? Cool, eat 6k+ damage too.
That’ll make them think twice before putting something against it and will prevent swappers from ruining it.


Mortem is absolutely fine if you use it for its main purpose, which is to see if your opponent has Scorpius Rex G3.

Plus, if you lead with Mortem, there’s a good chance you’ll get to see 2 of your opponents creatures on turn 1, giving you the advantage as you seek to come back from 1-0 down.


The Apex of sacrificial pawns. Now that’s a silver lining!


Even below 2826 health mortem rex is under threat of parasauthops in nublar shores!


For the on escape, I had an idea I used for a hybrid. It’s called Enrage And Engage. What it does is it buffs for 1 turn, 2 attacks, then attacks the escape, breaking shields, bypassing Armor, and attacking for 1x damage. This would mean 3000 damage on swap out for Mortem at base level, and for someone like Castal with a max attack, that’s 5469 damage on escape. This is also not including the Roar buff.
Just a thought.


With roar buff it would be 4 k damage with no boost, that would make him viable all right. You could start him or maybe finish with him. More reasonable than giving a rex a move that has only been given to snakes


Did ludia even realize that giving mortem a roar with a 2 turn cooldown and alert fatal strike would really make up for the loss of cleansing impact? Mortem can already do insane damage without the attack buff. If anything make fierce impact cleanse and make alert fatal strike a group attack.

That’s the neat part, they didn’t test it.

I just replaced my level 30/30 mortem rex by a level 26/26 indotaurus today and went from 5900s to 6000s. Not completely conclusive but basically it’s not worse…


Morty’s treatment is Ludia at their worst. It was already struggling, and then …nerf! It’s sort of playable at the beach, but only because Testa is so OP that you may want an extra Testa counter, even how bad it is against everything else. And disabling Morty for 2 turn rounds in raids is beyond words.


What makes the treatment that Morty received even worse was the way Ludia said ‘Because Mortem isn’t performing as well as it should’ before releasing the change that undoubtedly made it unusable!


When I replaced my 28/28 Mortem with unboosted 26 Phorurex, I gained 300 trophies.

Certainly seems like Mortem is the weakest link in a lot of teams right now.


Phorurex’s utility is miles ahead of mortem rex for sure, even unboosted.