Mortem's roar buff

Is the damage buff granted by roar really lasting 2 turns how it’s supposed to? In my experience It has only been in effect the turn after roar is used, but on turn 2 the damage dealt was the same as usual, no buff in effect. According to the move description the buff is supposed to last for 2 turns and 2 attacks after its use. So It seems like it’s not working as intended and needs a fix
Could you please check with the team @Ned ?


Thanks, Isaah_Wii! I will bring this up with our team.

In the meantime, could I ask you to write to our team at with your support key? It’d help our team out with information gathering. :smiley:

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Thanx Ned! :smiley:

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I also thought this was a bug, but now I think it is actually working as described (but obviously not as we expected). The patch notes say that this a 2-attack 2-turn buff, but that it only affects damage after the first attack. And this is exactly how it currently works.

It lasts for 2 turns, which is (1) the turn you use Roar, and then (2) the next turn. Once you start your third turn, it is gone. That is how turns work in this game: duration starts counting the turn you use it. We can try to reason it like, “well if it happens after my attack damage, that shouldn’t count as a turn.” But the order that things happen during a turn does not change anything for duration.

So unfortunately for Mortem, this means one of those two turns is effectively wasted because the turn you use Roar still counts as a turn. And this means Mortem only gets to have one buffed attack before it ends. So it’s not really a bug, it’s just very weird and confusing, probably because we are used to buffs always happening before attack damage happens.

Probably the worst thing is there’s nothing in-game that says “hey, unlike every other attack in this game, this buff only happens after damage”. Only the patch notes say that. It uses the exact same wording as all the other buffing attacks even though those happen before damage. So the only way you could know it’s different is by the order of the ability’s sentences, and how many people even knew that sentence order mattered? Probably very few.

And the other thing that’s annoying is when you are picking your attack on turn 3, it still shows the damage as buffed, even though when you actually attack, it suddenly disappears. I mean technically that’s how it’s supposed to work, but it’s confusing nevertheless.

So maybe Roar should last 3 turns because the first turn it can’t benefit from it yet. But maybe that would be too overpowered? Maybe the current way is done like that for balance reasons; geared as more for raids where slower attackers can use the buff on both turns while Mortem itself cannot. Open for debate I suppose, but something does need to change.

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I can see how this could be the case If It was intended, but Ludia themselves admited this was a bug, so it probably isn’t working exactly as intended. In any case, something indeed needs to change, and If i were to choose, i’d make roar apply the buff before the attack and give It 1 cooldown. That would give It one impact back and allow faster strats again

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