Morty's new roar is a pain to deal with in raids, suggestions on how to fix

After spending months building up dinos for raid - like gem and other longnecks for example - or morty for others, you now cannot use high powered diinos for raids with morty bc of morty’s new roar. The cooldown of 2 is impossible to deal with because if you have a decent long neck or any other group dino well built for raids and for the arena, you are op. If your motem is decent damage, you are op. OP means if you have a round that lasts two turns with mortem, you are op because you will not have roar for the next round (or the other group moves). An easy way to fix this would be to give roar a cooldown of 1 and decrease the increased damage to 25%, or give the roar no cooldown but give damage increase on the roar a cooldown of 3. Even better, go back to the old roar as the base move, and rend as the replacement cor cleanse. IDK how others feel, but TBH this new roar makes it even more difficult than it already was to balance dinos for the arena/touneys and raids.

UPDATE - Look at @Isaah_Wii’s suggestion - the basic strike should be group with no cooldown, and the Roar should be group with boost and cooldown. BRILLIANT!!!


I would have been happy with a group strike as the basic move, then roar in a different slot. Mortem’s new basic move doesn’t make much sense.


I’d suggest something like this

Now roar’s damage buff applies before the attack, so Mortem gets an impact back. Alert fatal strike becomes group alert fatal strike, that can hit all opponent just like the old roar. That way there are 2 options of group moves for raids and Mortem gets more viability in arena by having a cleanse on the strike and an impact instead of a simple strike on roar.


Then a group strike will be basically the old roar. Not that I disagree, though.

ooohhhh YES! THIS

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the old roar was vital in raids, and it would be wonderful to have the option to boost a team, or to not boost a team. @Isaah_Wii you are a GENIUS!!! LUDIA LISTEN TO ISAAH!!!

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I freaking LOVE this. How to we contact Ludia headquarters? THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN lol xD


Email them or they’ll probably see this anyways. If enough people want it then they’ll maybe implement it.

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Yes please! Potential flock counter? Maybe not, but will do good

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how do I email them? I am willing to do this 100%It would be awesome… Wouldn’t mind getting signatures to support, too

yes Yes YES

this would make quick strats viable again

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Or give it mutual fury …. And bring back the old roar

I agree. Keep roar the way it is, but change the alert fatal strike to a group move. Then it will be fixed



that could work, too, but MF can also have consequences unlike the boosted roar bc boss get’s effects of the mutual dmg boost lol

there are some quick strats you can do with mortem - but you basically can only use mortems. I feel like this roar situation is more than just about mortem, but rather about all the creatures people have spent time building for raids, like gem and max and skoona. We need more flexibility, not rigidity, when it comes to what dinos we can raid with. Also, it’s extremely frustrating to not be able to boost dinos for tourneys and pvp bc if you do, raids will punish you for it.

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That’s only if you expect a counter that round though cause if not you can debuff the opponent next round before it strikes :woman_shrugging:t3::wink:

I agree it took us a bit of work to update our strategies, but new roar actually makes the raids easier.

To give two examples, gorgo raid can get away with a weaker gemini, and have better control over killing both minions in round 3, and keep doedi alive in round 4; and for hydra boa killing both minions beginning of each round becomes easier as well (important for alert slither on maxima round 3).

It may not have been totally fair changing roar considering how much raid strats relied on the old roar w/o cooldown; and using 2 mortys etc but it’s not a total pain.

Just fyi to everyone that didn’t know already,

Mortem’s Fatal Strike (after buffed by Roar), does 15,000 damage to Gorgotrebex if neither of the Minions are around for Mortem to target, and nearly 18000 if it CRITs.

Presumably, it’ll do more against Hadros and Cera, so bear that mind against them.

It’s still worth using in Raids, just keep this fact in mind.

This could be a problem If you don’t want to kill It that turn and any other move except for a strike would also kill :rofl: