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Mosasaur gen2

What are your thoughts?

Doesn’t really feel needed tbh. The only Gen 2 i’d get behind is an aquatic Gen 2 Spino looking like this:


I like the spino idea!


We didnt need another surface fish.
Hopefully some kind of Reef hybrid will come soon or at least unlocks for either Archelon or Umoonasaurus.


Totally agree. Aquatics need better balancing and another surface is the aquatic equivalent of another carnivore in the game.

If Ludia polled players for what new creatures they want, Gen 2 versions of existing ones would be way low I expect.


After Mosasaurus (11/19/18 tournament/April 2019 Clash of Titans/Battle Stage 90), the most distant unlocks for Aquatics are Suchodus (7/29/19), Archelon (8/19/19), and Unmoonasaurus (9/2/19). So they should be rotating through in the near future. Hopefully…


I am happy for every new creature We get. Its true some creatures we need more. But all new is good.i am looking forward for new Mossa


Yea I’d like the new spino… agreed that’s what I thought earlier surface is new carnivore

My response to any Gen 2 creature:

Changing the color scheme and fudging the statistic on an existing creature and calling it “Gen 2” is a disappointing money grab, especially if there’s a concomitant Gen 2 hybrid down the line.

There are literally hundreds of dinosaurs out there we could have. Keep the same body frame and add some new shapes, colors, and names. Coelophysis, Camarasaurus, Iguanodon, Edmontosaurus, Deinonychus, Sinoceratops, Archeopteryx… bring some dinosaur names to us.


Preach, my brother


Why does it say isla sorna
Will we get a aquatic park isla sorna maybe at the Marine facility

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Now we all know…


For the first time, i actually like the original design more. Not a fan of that colouring tbh
Looks skinless

I saw 40 level gen 2. I personally think, his skin is good change

Now that you mentioned it. Iguanodon is the second dinosaur ever to be discovered! How is it not in the game!!!

We got the first one megalosaurus in it, we should have iguanodon which is absolutely a classic in there as well.