Mosasaurus Gen 2 Tournament - 5/15/2020- 5/18/2020


To no one’s surprise, this week’s tournament is featuring the brand new Mosasaurus Gen 2. This is both the first time this creature has been available as well as the first time a Gen 2 creature has had an unlock event. New creatures usually mean that we’ll need more trophies to finish in Dominator League.

We have limited data on first release tournaments

Gigantophis (2/25/19) was just before we started tracking tournaments and was exactly 3 days

Lythronax (3/18/19) had rules and was exactly 3 days but required 1167 trophies

Mastadon (7/1/19) required Mods and 1109 trophies and lasted for 4 days, 4 hours

Suchodus (7/29/19) lasted for 3 days, 4 hours and required 1415 trophies.

Eucladoceros (12/23/19) lasted for 3 days, 4 hours and required 1354 trophies. It had been out in the wild for a bit before this tournament.

Dracorex (3/2/20) lasted for 3 days, 4 hours. The bottom of dominator league ranged from 1397-1682 trophies.

Plesiosuchus (4/20/20) lasted for 3 days, 4 hours. The bottom of Dominator League was at approximately 1500 trophies.

I haven’t seen anything about the length of this tournament. If it’s a 3 day, 4 hour standard tournament, I’d shoot for at least 1550 trophies, but keep those high Dracorex scores in the back of your mind. If it’s a 4 day, 4 hour tournament, I’d aim around 1800 trophies. The presence of Rules or a Mods requirement will change things, possibly drastically.


Well, I just hope it is not a aquatic tournament. I know it will be very hard,but I just want to finish in hunter.


The weekly schedule says that it is a Jurassic tournament.

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You will use your jurassic creatures to fight and unlock a aquatic creature

That’s logic isn’t it? But we had this before many times.


Idk but what I am most curious is who will be the ceno gen 2
Mammoth (he was first )
Titanaboa (they might give you a Christmas gift this year)

I would be really annoyed if they have Gen 2 and unlocks for either of these when I don’t even have the originals unlocked! Particularly the mammoth.

Found this beauty on the net
Is this considered posting leakes
But got to say I love the colorings even though it don’t match well with the background

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The stats are disappointing, but it is an unlock event, so I’ll participate. At least to 1800 trophies or so, thanks for the information @Andy_wan_kenobi

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I also think first cenozoic gen 2 will be wooly mamoth, because:
Land first gen 2 was T.Rex - the star of jurassic park
First aquatic gen 2 is mossa, who was first aquatic creature in the game (I am expecting dunkleosteus gen 2 soon),
And the first cenozoic was a mamoth. Thats why i think wooly Mamoth gen 2 will come, as first cenozoic gen 2
About Mossa gen 2 stats, I am not considering them bad, they are still pretty useable in battles. Also there is still a chance, he will gets buff, as Velociraptor gen 2, who is stronger in super rare class now.
In tournament I am planning get around 1600-1700 score as always and I just check situation on Monday, before tournament ends


Sounds like a good approach @Lucky14, since we are competing with AI, I personally do not see a point in trying to maintain top position in Dominator.

Six days???
Are you kidding Ludia?


Ok tournament is on 6 days that mean 1700 will not enough i will go for 2400-3000 for sure


I tried my luck in the tournament,it is horrid, in my first match,I was just about to land on the mosasaurus gen 2 pack, and then my connection failed ,and then,I recieved a mystery pack. 2nd match,I was not close to a Mosasaur pack,but again,a mystery pack,3rd match was 4700 coins. I hate how they replaced Twin packs with evolution booster packs,hence,no dino bucks in tournaments packs unless in dominator.


We are in for a grind :sob:

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For lazy/really no time people like me I will just wait for it to be in clash of the titans

Do not worry,this also means that we have more time,however this will not be accommodable to those who do not play on other days and grind everything they can on the last day of the tournament. This tournament is harder than the Dracorex Tournament though,in my 2nd match,my level 30 dilophosaurus,20 Zhejiangopterus,30 Ophiacodon were matched with a erlikosaurus 3 , pachyceratops 22,yutyrannus 18, I was close but lost . Match 2 was simpler and hence I won,match 2 I used Nundasuchus 30,Stegosaurus 20,Suchomimus 10, and was matched with a Monolophosaurus 36,Nundagosaurus 30,Dimetrodon 10.


But even if it in Clash Of Titans , would you not like an extra card pack? Plus,you save the DNA of purchasing 1 of them if you grind. But in the end it is your opinion.

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I am really lazy :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: