Mosasaurus Gen 2 Tournament 6/10/22-6/13/2022

If 1000 trophies is enough I’m safe. But I’m NOT doing this again with upcoming VIP tournament. It’s just so frustrating and time consuming to do tournament with this glitch, normal tournament would be absolute nightmare to me. If this bug isn’t fixed until friday I’ll give Oviraptor (I think it’s Ovi) a hard pass.


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How did you manage to open the pack? Didn’t the game remain at the loading screen after your win?

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Thanks a lot for your help everyone! Looks like I’m gonna make it!


No, almost all the time mine is actually working normally. It has crashed like that twice, both times after Cenozoic battles, but that’s all. I don’t know why.

Data for end of tournament baseline:

Very low.


I can’t believe I managed to get into Dominator. I ended up spending about 300 DB for cooldowns towards the end, but it was nowhere near how much I thought I’d have to spend.

My final trophy tally was 940. Armomata, here I come!!

P.S. Also a joy to see a pack at the end!!


Bottom dominator league data (at the end of the tournament)

Mosasaurus Gen 2 pack (it contained 1000 bucks :heart:)

The two components of Armormata!

My top surface lineup, which made me get the prize (with some difficulties).


End of tournament data
All close to 890- pretty low


I overestimated this and ended up at 1227. I was aiming for 1300 until I saw @Sionsith 's prediction and realised I could stop.

In the end it was easier than I thought and I managed fine with L11 Hainosaurus and Tylosaurus, L20 Xinathodon and L40 Legendaries; the battles were sometimes fiddly but I didn’t lose many. There was one where I was left on 96 defence with 2 creatures still to fight; and somehow managed to use the 3 attack/1block loop to survive and win.

Only 1 more Aquatic non-hybrid creature left to get now.


I’m so happy that I manage to do this. With all of the difficulties that this game have thrown at me. NEVER AGAIN. I hope Oviraptor tournament would be normal and without this glitch.



Suchodus or plarecarpus? These are my only ones unlocked aquatics (even if I have a level 10 platecarpus and a level 20 suchodus)

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Suchodus. I have Platecarpus unlocked, I can’t remember when from now.

Update: from the Dino data spreadsheet

There was a tournament for Platecarpus last July.

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I was able to unlock a creature since August 21(metriacanthosaurus I think)
So I missed platecarpus. I asked because at some time we had similar ferocity teams and was wondering when it had a tourney. VIP helped me a lot to progress (10th month now) and I’m at 260/287 creatures. Keep grinding! :stuck_out_tongue:

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i finished this tournament with 1690 points, my set up was 4 hainosaurus lvl 10 and 2 tylosaurus lvl 20. i tried even to go lower , but i failed by doing that, i think you need at least one glass canon with ferocity lvl at 4500 each set up to stay in dominators league. i was doing 2 games every three hours and that was enough. didnt spend 1 db for this tournament, my advice to all, dont sell any vip creatures for some minor gain, except you are 100% sure that your setup is enough.

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I finished in predator league and won two pteranodons which is not bad for a level 35 player
For the record at the time my strongest pterosaur was a level 10 Aerotitan so I’m quite proud


It was complete torture, like the prior ones

Yes. The AI in this game gets worst after a few updates, which makes the game become overly difficult and tedious. Ludia should turn it down a few notches. We are here for fun and to win, not to battle to death.