Mosasaurus Tournament


We need more mosasuraus tournaments. We had only have one, maybe two times to unlock the mosasuraus. Many did not get it including myself and the mosasuraus is a fan-favorite dinosaur right next to the megladon ( who I think also should have another chance). It’s like not being able to unlock a T Rex or a Velociraptor. Please Ludia make another tournament or make it an event (not a gyrosphere draft). It’s not even a tournament dinosaur, it is a legendary so technically there should be more than one or two ways to unlock it. Thank you for reading this and please sent this to Ludia if you agree and if you are Ludia please add this i really want a mosasuraus.


Wait there was a tournament in JWA?! :flushed:


No there was a tiurnament in jwtg


Ah okay I was about to say I’ve played this game since day dot (like many) and I didn’t see any tournament. I was disappointed with jwtg if I’m being honest.(Too many PTP players :broken_heart:)