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Moschops animation

Moschops “Play” animation in sanctuary. Creature pushes the ball and just disappears, then camera is moving away to an empty place.
iPhone XS Max


Happened on my phone and I have an Android.

Mine does the same and I have an android. I have done this at least twice with the same results.

At soon as it hits that gyrosphere, it disappears and there’s just smoke. Then the “camera” pans to the left to basically show an empty enclosure and then Moschops shows up waiting for the next interaction. It’s really weird.

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Hello Anna_Bombina. Thank you for reporting this! Our support team would be happy to assist you. You can reach out to them at along with your device information and support key. This will help them find your account faster.

This happens to everybody, even with scutosaurus

I find it amusing. Neither Moschops nor Scutosaurus have “cloak” in their moveset, but here we are!

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