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Most annoying character: Indoraptor gen 2

I will end up this game because this annoying, unfair character. Im lvl 20 5k trophies almost all of the dinos I got but this super stupid character kill all of my mood to Battle. Anyway with the last update I got a lot invincible enemies…thoradolosaur lvl 30??? 24 tier used of 24?? Are U crazy? I can’t even do ANYTHING!! Is this normal? Is this an enjoyable game? NOOOO. Why this app can’t make a normal battle mach anymore?? Really unfair and annoying. What do you think players??

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The company started selling boosts full time (idiocy) which resulted in players able to acquire WAY more boosts then Ludia claimed we would be able to, which has totally destroyed all balance in the arena.

Also IncomeRaptor Gen2 is OP by design, to make players have it on their team and spend a fortune boosting it.

Yes. Quite normal.
Browse through the forums a bit, and you’ll find out what we think :slight_smile:
Can you at least tell us your team/boosts and current standing?
What happens quite often after a monthly reset is that you encounter lots of difficult opponents. Takes some time to settle, but prepare to drop a bit.

So as I understand you think that is absolutely okay if my oppenent has a dino in a battle what I cant even hurt? Its faster then all of my team, way more stronger then any of my dino…I can’t do anything with it. So its normal? Becouse then I really delete this game.

Matchmaking is broken, in case no one noticed.

None of this should be considered normal.

We know WHY this is happening, but many of us don’t condone it.

It is a two way problem, players spending a fortune and making these monsters…and also Ludia for making it possible in the first place.


Thank you for the answers guys! Is so sad

For us it’s normal, since we’re used to it :slight_smile:
You are in a very bad spot with your trophy score. You’ll face overpowered legendary and epic opponents with way too many boosts that are hard to beat. And I think you should be slightly lower anyways. Expect more defeat.
Every dino has a counter though. Indoraptor gen 2 is a bit overpowered, it most likely gets a nerf next patch. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything against it. Maybe you need to boost your tanks or speeders, or use things like maxima, dio, magna.
You have a good team though, but I would dump Tuo as soon as you get something better like Maxima.

What happened to your icon. :scream_cat:


As has been said already, that is sadly normal and Ludia is terrible at communication in any regard.

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Mexichicken is high tier vexing. Indo Gen 2 is no where near Mexichicken’s vexing level. Trust me on that.

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@iHuba In Library matchmaking is based on trophies. That’s why you meet some monsters.

Dropped to Aviary (on purpose) adjusted my team accordingly (no super duper lvl or boosted) and really am enjoying it again. Can actually use a lot of creatures now I couldn’t in library :wink:

Your team is in a high place for its levels. You will want to level up much more if you want to have a chance on progressing.

There’s a huge wall of players and overboosted crutch dinos in Gyrosphere lots of lvl 30’s too. You’re probably at a peak until you level up dinos and continue to boost.

Cough Procerat cough

But I don’t disagree Indor G2 can be annoying

Oh yeah felt it was time for a change as I look somewhat different these days having lost weight and such lol.

I had the old image since day 1 lol

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