Most annoying dino to face


What is the most annoying dinosaur that you face in battle?

For me, its the upgraded utahsinoraptor. Debuff attack, then stun. Repeat. :joy::joy:


The ankyla epic and kentrosaur hybrid… cheapest moves by far… that I’ve faced anyways…


Ankyntrosaurus? (20 characters)


Yea probably… some of these dinos names I’d butcher if I tried to type them out without checking my spelling… nonetheless that dino was a pain to fight… if I remember correctly it has both instant invincibility and instant cripple… the cooldowns were like 1 for the cripple and 2 for invincibility…



Every other tank I like, even the supposedly-broken ones. Tragodistis ruins my teams for some extra reason.


It’s that long invincibility move… untouchable for 2 moves without a defense shattering move


Nullifying works too on shields.


Correct but its luck of the draw whether or not you have a dino on your team that has either… those fights suuuuuck


Indominus and Stegodeus! Indominus because I’m so unlucky and I don’t never hit it when she used cloak!


Least favorite dino to face has got to be the ankyntrosaurus. It’s like fighting a brick wall in slow motion, i’d be turning on some netflix while the battle still going on. :sleeping:


I just bring rex in or gorg if I have them…if not i get a long boring fight lol


A lvl 16 utasinoraptor vs a lvl 16 ankytrosaurus. I got to use 3x Distracting impact, 3x Critical impact, and 2x Instant charge on this anky-troll-saurus before I was able to kill it. 8 moves and that’s all the damage it took. A literal brick wall :joy: Hardly ever get the gorgo on my team unfortunately.


Stegoceratops and stunners in general. I just hate predicting stuff and having a clear advantage just to have my Dinos stunned to death and loose anyway.


Uthasinoraptor is kinda lame xd


Immunity would be your friend then


Ankyntrosaurus, Allosinosaurus, Indoraptor, and still a classic: high level Velociraptor :sweat_smile:


Oh I love facing a velociraptor now. Literally 6 of my 8 team dinosaurs can counter it. 7 if gorgo was bugged up before hand. The Age of the Raptor is over.


yeah, in the current meta there are a lot of good dinosaurs that are capable of handling the raptors. I’m so excited to get my Giraffatitan to lvl 15 upwards, so it is well suited for my team on the next conquest for Arena 8. But every once in a while there is a situation, when a raptor is thrown at you without you having a good counter up front. Stegodeus is well suited for switching in. Im currently thinking about getting Wuerhosaurus back in my team. It’s currently lvl 14 and I could level it up right away. And it’s spawning plenty in my neighborhood.


That anky whatever is the devil… instant cripple and instant invincibility all whilst giving you a counter attack. By the time it’s done I’ve aged about four years.


I hate the gigglesaurus no matter what you hit it with all it does is laugh at you!