Most Annoying Thing in the Game?


I say it’s how often PrattPrattPratt comes up when you’re in a cab… Just missed a T-Rex that I badly needed!


Now tell me yours! :relieved:


Ever three or four drop spins being asked to join VIP


Evasive stance…


Battling a team that has 2 dinos that can cloak


Oh I guess my second worst is when your fave dino gets stunned 3+ times in a row. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


My favourite Dino dies in 3 attacks from almost Anything!


I have missed at least 5 rexs cause im catchin a dino while riding around and when i come back into the map i see we had passed a rex that would have been in the catch zone. :joy:


The most annoying thing is when you wait for the match to start and after 1 min you realise the match has already started and you are just not in. Then you restart the game immediately but you know it’s too late and you lost your rank :frowning:


Is it just me or is it hard to understand why so many people complain about missing dinos because of the speed pop up? It takes what, 2 seconds to get rid of it? How are people missing dinos during that time? Are you driving 100mph? Its a necessary legal action to cover their behinds if players cause bodily harm while playing. It isnt going away everyone, so lets just learn to live with it.

I dont mean to sound harsh but come on, its such a nit picky thing to complain about.


Clearly you don’t ride.

No, it’s not legally necessary; it’s an extra step for safety but doing it more than once in a play session is just an annoyance.

Which happens to be the entire reason for this thread, so complaints of all kinds should have been expected. Did you somehow wander in by accident?

As for my contribution: the escape mechanic while darting. Most annoying and useless part of the game.


People whining online when the real problem is their lack of skill or understanding of game mechanics. “RNG is always against me”, “I want to always win”, “My Diplocaulus can’t beat Indominus, Indominus needs a nerf”, “I want instant matchmaking with equal players, but no bots”, etc.

Oh and inspired by the post below me: “Why can’t I get to 5k trophies without fighting opponents with strong dinos? It’s unfair!”


Fighting opponents with dinosaurs far superior to your own team. (high level, late-game uniques, etc.)


I do actually ride. Actually, I drive while I play (but dont tell Ludia that) which makes it even more difficult. Its literally a 2 second action. And yes, it IS legally necessary. It’s Ludia’s way of keeping from being sued if someone gets into an accident while playing and driving. That pop up message that you have to manually say “I AM NOT DRIVING” keeps them from being held liable. You can argue all you want, but thats precisely why that feature is there. It’s why POGO started using the same thing after its launch when tons of people were getting injured playing that game.

I find it annoying too, dont get me wrong, but its there for a reason and it isnt going away no matter how many people complain to Ludia. They would much rather deal with the player complaints than multi-million dollar lawsuits.

As for the fact that it pops up multiple times per session, Im not sure how they could resolve that. How can they possibly know that your change in speed (fast, then slow, then fast again) isnt a result of you getting dropped off by your friend who you were riding with, and then getting behind the wheel of your own car?

Again Im not here for the sake of arguing, I just think its naive of people to not realize that Ludia needs to have that feature and that they arent going to get rid of it. What they SHOULD do is make every player agree to NEVER playing the game while operaring a vehicle of any kind. The fact that they have the repeated pop-up tells me there is probably a legal reason why they dont include that in the TOS.


Seeing people moan on this forum :joy:


Spending all my time at a game no one I know wants to play.


Lost 12 battle in a row


3+ stuns in a row, extremely frustrating. Followed by 4+ losses in a row.


Hahahhaha. Nah you don’t sound harsh, just sounds like you haven’t run into the issue…if you’re on the highway, that pop comes up about every 2 or 3 mins, and you’re going too fast to catch anything that’s not close to the road if you don’t time it just right! Annoying when you miss a dino you really need.

Of course, I still love the game. :relieved:


Oh you are hilarious Heather! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Yeah… I think it’s too incessant. If they made it every 8 mins, or even 10, that would be more reasonable IMO.