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Most anticipated characters and potential storylines for you?

Of the unreleased characters thus far I’m really looking forward to Felicia the most. I’d love to see Felicia be apart of the criminal underworld, a PI type of person who gets into all kinds of danger and bends the rules/law to her will, or an informant of some kind whether for lawful and/or unlawful reasons. I doubt it’d be the case, but it’d be interesting if MC (or “you” if you prefer to view the person chatting with the characters as you rather than an MC separate from yourself) were also somehow involved in the criminal underbelly of the city and the two of them get into danger together, but now I’m getting into some pretty wishful thinking. Felicia seems like a morally grey character, or someone who could be, which would be interesting to see. Regardless though, I’m very intrigued by her profile so I’m excited to see what will take place in her storyline.

Right behind Felicia I’m also eagerly awaiting being able to match with Ana/Melina (I love them both, but I’m sure they share a storyline so I’ll have to pick one) who seem sweet and professional. I can see some potential tension used with their jobs, especially working for a dating app and seeing how often relationships don’t work out maybe. And finally, I’m also looking forward to Julia’s story, that she may likely share with Ruby. From her bio I had almost expected something mirroring the other programmer’s story (Jamie?). I’m really enjoying Cpt. Muffin so far – he’s adorable. I’ll be interested to see who the human is though too and where the story goes.

Also, my favorite guys are already released, so I’m leaving them out of this thread. I’ve been really enjoying the app and stories overall, so kudos and thank you to the writers and dev team! I look forward to future updates.


I’m definitely excited for Felicia’s storyline, I have high hopes for a kind of film noir situation!

Personally, I cannot WAIT to get to know Pamela Riley! I really want to know what her personality is and what she’s interested in… Same goes for Kelsey Madison! :sweat_smile: I’m hoping both of them are more than meets the eye.

As for profiles that are already in the game, I’m most excited for the return of Grace!

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Yeah, film noir would be amazing for Felicia! I’m so, SO excited for her. :heart_eyes:

I agree with you about those two as well! I was a little early of Kelsey in particular since the cheerleader storylines can be a hit or miss with me, but after reading her bio a few times I’m excited for when she’ll be available to match with.

I’m definitely looking forward to the return of Clementine, Vitoria, Angel, Austin, and I’m curious to see where Cpt. Muffin’s story will go too!