Most balanced in each tier?

So I’m February I asked you which was the best and worst of each tier. Now I ask you which is the most balanced in each tier? Which is the least balanced in each tier?

Honestly the high tyrants right now are all balanced when compared to each other, no matter how broken they are overall. All 3 (Mammolania, Gemini, Entelomoth) counter each other.

Trykosaurus and/or Magna are the most balanced in Low tyrant, though some may argue they fall on the lower end (Personally I believe grypol, phorusaura, and orion are the low end of low tyrant)


According with the last tier list update:

Everything that is in high tyrant means op so, shouldn’t be considered balanced.

Most balanced Low tyrant: Magnapyritor
Least balanced Low tyrant: Quetzorion

Most balanced High apex: Indoraptor
Least balanced High apex: Procerathomimus

Most balanced Mid apex: Utasino
Least balanced Mid apex: Testacornibus

Most balanced Low apex: Purutaurus
Least balanced Low apex: Dracoceratops

Most balanced High alpha: Blue
Least balanced High alpha: Carbonemys

Most balanced Low alpha: Entelodon
Least balanced Low alpha: Dilophoboa

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So by your logic, there should be no high tyrant, since if they would be “balanced” they would fall into the low tyrant category? Same with High Apex I presume?

High tyrant was made because some hybrids were far from balanced, and they had to halve Tyrant tier.


I think everything other than the 3 high tyrants is balanced.

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I think indo Gen 2 still needs a nerf. I want to see that thing nerfed into oblivion tho.


Well I’d say balanced as in not OP. But there are still some critters in need of buffs.

For the top 3, I say it goes that mammolania is the most balanced, but I feel that it’s also the worst.

Doesn’t Gemini beat the other 2?
Against Entelomoth, NS, DR, DSA.
Against Mammolania, DR, NS, DR, etc.

DR, NS, DR. Imo that’s best against Entmoth.

Lol no. Mutual Fury, remember?

It’s kinda hard to call due to Ludia doing a good job of balancing as of late.
High Tyrant seems equal
Low tyrant and High Apex seems equal when taking team mechanics into account and not 1 vs 1.

I don’t have much experience with the lower tiers so take these guesstimates with a grain of salt.
Mid Apex? Thor is probably the strongest there.
Low Apex Stegod and Draco seems strongest.
Not even going to try other tiers.

Yeah but based on predicts the others can also win. If moth uses bellow second turn on the DR and then MF, it wins. But if gemini uses DSA on the Bellow, it wins.

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Moth can beat gemini. It needs to predict the decel rampage with bellow as a rampage plus DSA can’t kill moth. And gemini has to go for null turn 1, so it’s a toss-up. Lania loses to both

Either way, it all comes down to predictability.