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Most Boring Tournament Ever?

Tried the tournament a few times. The last few rounds everyone has been playing swap in stun dinos and spamming the same moves. Some whatever dino comes in. Swap in Triceratops for stun. Heal. Swap in Einasuchus for stun. Heal. Swap in Triceratops. Rinse and repeat…

I have started just hitting the yawn emoji (which I hate) and leaving the game. Hate being a poor sport, but it’s incredibly boring. Games are taking forever. Anyway, got my 10 for the alliance and quit.No point in playing this one.

It’s not Advantage, so, no.


Sorry, not sure I understand what you’re saying @Arnold. No to what?

No, it’s not the most boring ever. To be boring it needs to be Advantage, lol

And that swap in and out is easily taken care of with Purro


I guess it’s inevitable really, when there’s a limited amount of usable dinos in a tourney.
I found the swap in idea so boring too, and if it wasn’t them it was the turtle.
An Eina vs turtle is like watching paint dry…


Haven’t really experienced that. No escape usually shuts it down pretty quick.

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Thanks for explaining. I usually love the non-advantage ones honestly - most fair setup for strategy. And perhaps I am just having a streak of these. Just incredibly dull.

I’ll take a look at Purro and see if that might be a workable solution. Thanks for the advice.

Swap in damaging abilities are a cancer in this game.


Lol Im havin fun with my scapho switchin in and out :woozy_face:

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Yeah, I can see how it might be fun @NewNewbie spamming the switch, it’s just such an incredibly dull battle. Takes so long to play out.

It used to be fun for so many in this game with the rat and it’s swap in DSR, so it’s hardly surprising that any swap in damaging move will be spammed and enjoyed now.
Even I have been using Dracorex in this one

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Yep, me too. It’s less the hit than the hit, heal, hit, heal, hit, heal, hit, heal. Even writing it is boring me… I’ll drop Purro in and see if that helps. Only seeing Titanboa that cannot be stunned. Who am I missing?

And thanks - needed to vent :slight_smile:

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Most people I find have Purrolyth constantly regenerating, swapping to save her (often to one of those mentioned in the first post), then regenerating again when she’s back. There’s a lot of health restoring in this tournament overall!

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I have a feeling they didn’t count on some things in the recent changes… If they did, they weren’t thinking straight…

1-The damage boost also counting for the healing… Purro is OP now because of this. It could be strong even on metagame if boosted enough, but no one should bother, cause it will probably get nerfed.

2-Dracorex is clearly broken for its rarity. Giving it 4800 HP seems like those nonsense changes we saw on the first updates. The team that did it must be new, lol


Well I just meant that using a new variety of creatures made it fun, atleast for me. People dont really know whats good or bad, so everybodys trying out dif. Dinos/creatures/strats. I mean, I wouldve never thought of using Scapho before, but with its newfound On Escape, its a really great finisher. Just my take on it

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Thanks @NewNewbie. Totally get the experimentation. Definitely fun, which is why I usually like these. Guess I just hit a streak and it got to me. Changing out a couple of dinos and will try again. Sorry if I am whining. Good to have a support group - lol.


Purro did the trick and put a stop to it @Arnold. Thanks for the tip.

It’s nice to play a tourney that I actually have a chance of winning a few battles in.

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I just sneak away to get my ten take downs and resume partying.
They aren’t boring, it’s just something I have to find time to do for my alliance.
You got 3 days.

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Yeah, I hear you @W1ckety, and sorry for the sour grapes. Had just had 3 battles in a row where they spammed Eina and Tric. They were boring and annoying. The Purro switch worked though. Having some fun once again.

And yeah, always good to just knock out those 10 before giving up.