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Most Broken Creature to ever exist

The Title says it all, what do you think the most broken creature in the history of the game is? You can say the specific version in which the creature was broken. For example, 1.14 Gemini or 2.0 Maxima.

Imo it’s really the og tyrant. Indoraptor back in the early days when it had the old 3 times cloak. I also vaguely recall immune creatures not being able to be nullified, and Indo was also immune back then. Though it was gone so fast that no one unlocked it

There’s been a few. Stegodeus that can cleanse everything, super Gemini, OG buffed Maxima with Definite rampage and armor… but all of those have something in common: you could see them and attempt a counter.

My vote:

Swap in DSR Rat

The most broken thing ever. It was a swap in nuke that prevented use of tons of low hp creatures. If you didn’t kill it right away after it just obliterated whatever you had in, they’d swap it right out and do it again. You couldn’t see it coming or know they had it, so you had no preparation or ability to counter without a loss. It was skill-less and disgusting and it ruined the game for a long time.

Edit: I forgot it could also regenerate back then too. Most broken creature ever.


Indo g2 with cautious strike ver 1.0. That was quite bad imo.


Without a doubt it was the swap in rat with a DSR.

The most ridiculous move ever given to any Dino.

Everyone and his wife created and levelled it up so every creature below 3000 H.P. was at risk from a one shot swap in kill.

Any newer players who read this with a sense of “seriously?” - yes… it really was like this for over a year!


Echoing the swap in DSR DC. People just boosted it so high that it was tearing down cunning creatures without them even getting a single move in. Then it swapped out, and did the same thing all over again!

Today it’s still somewhat of a pain, especially since it’s a fierce that can cleanse distraction (which, combined with the acute stun make me think the typing should be fierce/resilient but I digress). But it’s nowhere near as bad as it was before.


Agreed, Dracocera doing 4000+ shattering damage on a swap made me quit the game for around a week. I still harbour resentment towards that rat and refuse to use it in any capacity. I still yawn anytime I see it.


Strongest creature ever is either 1.14 Entelomoth or Gemini, then 1.13 Lania.

The one that I hated the most was that stupid Indo G2 tho. Probably because he was way easier to create. I never faced Moth in arena, I faced Lania rarely and Gemini was underleveled most of time.

Unlike them that stupid white monster was always overleveled. So glad he ultimately died.

Rat is just after him in terms of being annoying


While SDR Draco makes make glad I forgot about the game in 2019, 1.14 entelomoth, gemini, and lania were worse. Draco could be one shotted by a lot. The 3 high tyrants could beat anything with a chance.

It is of course subjective but for me its humans by a mile, low stats but the best moveset ever. I hated the Rat with DSR and prorat was always OP on a budget, it’s hard to ignore old school monomimus too but in the age of boosts 10k hp 2k attack immunes were the most OP… and lord lythranax of course


who could forget the good old days of who had the best raptor.
Raptor in, pounce, swap out, repeat.


I have to agree with the old Dracoceratops as everyone else has said. Nothing has come close to that so far.




Rat, nothing else compares to what I HEARD about about the SIDSR Rat


the rat will always be the most annoying, although its not as good as it once was, it is still extremely annoying.


Of course it’s the DSR Dracorat, but only because the mechanic in itself did not have any reliable counters.

However, the most needlessly broken creature has to be Maxima in 2.0. It was perfectly fine before the update, went to ridiculously OP in the first few weeks and now it’s barely mediocre AFTER people already dropped tons of boosts on it. So in a short period of time, it was broken twice in different ways.


Humans? What?

Wait I change my mind Unknown-4


I hated that goat with a passion


Swap In Defense Shattering Rampage Dracoceratops was the one dino that made me think about quitting the game altogether. It is still a pain in the butt now since it got a buff. Now it is easily top 8 and the infestation resumes

I think we can all agree that humans are by far the most OP creatures ever…