Most certainly incorrect reward


This is the reward I received today from the level directly before the red dragon in story mode.

This is unquestionably a bug. Being this far into the progression shouldn’t revert to beginner rewards.

Can this be fixed?


Hey Mr.Awesome, the rewards given out here are usually chosen at random, and there aren’t any guarantees on the rarity of these items. However, our team is always happy to hear any suggestions or ideas from our players, so if you have any concerns, email them here at with your support key or share them here:


Thanks for the response @Ned

It’s not the rarity of the items in question. I completely understand how that part of it works. The issue is that the reward was just 18 common cards and 88 gold for beating the story progressing mission, which is the same rewards as beating the very very very first missions in sharpstone keep.
This seems to be FAR less than every single reward given out since the beginning.

Judging by the sound of your response, Ludia doesn’t see this as an issue. Is this correct?

Ultimately I’m hoping that this isn’t another copy of the renown bug that the community brought up and we were all told that we were wrong and there isn’t actually an issue and nothing was being done, even though there were about a dozen people saying the same thing.

A few cards isn’t going to make or break the game for me, I’m just hoping to alleviate issues in the future. We are your beta testers after all.


This is not a bug. This is an average Wanderer pack for that stage of the story progression - basically the equivalent of a free chest.


I think rewards in general are not setup proper.

Consider this beta feedback for the game in general.

the reward for completing a stage as late as this in the game should be higher.
Another thought would be, the change of getting an average wanderer pack for this stage should be lower than the chance of getting that pack completing level 2. Perhaps it could still be a possible reward, like rolling a 2 on d20, but the chance of a bigger reward should be a lot higher for completing a late stage in the game.

This is the same issue as the renown rewards, the reward for getting to a higher level of renown should be way higher than they are.

@Jon I really hope the game design team is looking at this, its a real killjoy to achieve level X, or beat the room before the Dragon and get a reward of less value than you got when you completed the first room of the first dungeon.